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What would a DNA test reveal about your dog?

Any self-respecting dog lover will be able to identify a labrador or poodle, or even a labradoodle. They may even be able to identify a Spanish mastiff, but what happens when the water is muddied by the inclusion of the word ‘cross’?

I would like to introduce you to Jack, aka Big Handsome Jack. I adopted him from Spain earlier in the year after falling in love with him on a YouTube video - am I mad? - and he arrived here in September. So far, so good. He is definitely big, undoubtedly handsome, and his passport says ‘Spanish mastiff’.

Jack is a local celebrity. A 30-minute walk takes an hour, as so many people stop to make a fuss of him and establish what breed he is. Nobody has suggested that he is a Spanish mastiff; however, two people have suggested that he is an Anatolian shepherd.

The first lady said this very confidently, but I am ashamed to admit that I corrected her - or so I thought. The second lady made me think. When I got home, I did a quick Google image search and the results were astonishing. It could have been Jack in some of the photos.

I ordered a DNA test from Accu-Metrics and eagerly awaited receipt to complete the two required swab tests; I even did a test run with a cotton bud! It doesn’t matter what breed Jack is, of course, but have you ever bought or adopted a dog and later found out that he or she had some very unexpected ancestry?
What would a DNA test reveal about your dog? What would a DNA test reveal about your dog? Reviewed by Val Woolhouse on Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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