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Jack’s DNA test: the results

When I wrote my last blog, I had ordered a DNA test for my ‘Spanish mastiff’ Jack; now, I have the results.

As expected, Jack is predominately an Anatolian shepherd; unexpectedly, he is a level one (75 per cent or more) Anatolian, which means that one of his parents was purebred. This must have been something of a Lady and the Tramp scenario, as I don’t imagine you get too many purebred dogs wandering the streets of Spain!

Anatolian shepherds were bred to guard livestock and are typically dignified, serious, quiet and calm - unless challenged. They bond with their family - whether human or animal - with a fierce possessiveness and make up their own mind about who is a friend and who is a foe. They react to each situation as they see fit, which explains some previously unexplained behaviour!

There could mathematically be no level two (37 per cent to 74 per cent) DNA, neither was there level three (20 per cent to 36 per cent); however, kuvasz was identified at level four (10 per cent to 20 per cent). Having never heard of this breed, I was grateful to the DNA testing specialist Accu-Metrics for telling me that this ancient Hungarian breed was again bred as a guard dog and can be a loyal and patient companion; however, it can also be independent, aloof and suspicious of strangers. The kuvasz is very protective and always alert to danger, moving with surprising speed when aroused.

Finally, at level five (less than five per cent) are two breeds. The first is the collie -  highly intelligent, easy to train, devoted, loyal and protective. The collie’s herding nature means that it may nip at people’s heels, but it is generally playful, gentle with children, sensitive and sweet.

The second (again) is something of a surprise. As a clue, it is extremely gentle despite its large size; slow-moving; tolerant; patient; and extremely loyal. In an unashamed attempt to get more views and shares, I am offering a £5 Love2Shop voucher to someone who can identify this breed; if more than one person gets it right, they will go into a hat and the name drawn out first will win. To enter, please share this blog and post the answer in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 12 March 2017. Here is another photo of Jack:

Finally, I would like to give a mention to the wonderful people at Scooby Medina, who run the largest animal shelter in Spain and allowed me to adopt Jack - even if he is not a Spanish mastiff!
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  1. Shared blog on G+ & post on G+ and Pinterest

  2. Wow I can definitely see the Anatolian Shepherd! I would go for St Bernard, though those DNA tests are to be taken with a pinch of salt as some of the results can be interesting, to say the least! Shared on Google+ :)

  3. i think its a Anatolian Shepherd

  4. St Bernard! (shared on Twitter)

    1. Congratulations Samantha, St Bernard is the correct answer and your name was drawn out of the hat. :-) Please let us know your full name and address (email matthew@mattinanutshell.co.uk with 'Love2Shop prize winner' in the subject line) so that I can post it to you.

  5. I would go with St Bernard

  6. Yes the face does look a bit like a St Bernard.

  7. Saint Bernard - blog shared on facebook twitter, google+ and pinterest!

  8. The competition has now closed and the winner is Samantha R, who correctly identified the missing breed as St Bernard and was the first name drawn out of the hat. Thanks to everybody who entered and we hope to have another competition for you soon.


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