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Review: SleepBot

It's time to lay down and visit the land of nod, and what do you do? Grab a glass of water, curl up under your quilt and put the crappy alarm clock given to you on your phone? Well, not any more, because there's a new alarm to wake you from your dreams, and it's called SleepBot.

SleepBot works a lot like any other alarm, you put a time in, and it wakes you up, simple. But what sets this alarm apart from all the other generic clocks is the things you can do to help yourself sleep, help yourself wake up, and monitor how you sleep.
Being able to see how you sleep
and how much you've got to catch
up on is a revelation

On the front screen, you get options when you've got your alarm set, record sound, record movement, and smart alarm. Recording sound is a revelation unto itself. I didn't realise how much noise I make when sleeping, though the better half would tell you I sound like a pneumatic drill through a loudspeaker. But looking to see how much noise you make when you're really deep sleeping is quite eye opening. The app records the sound, which you can listen back to at any time, just to hear you talking to yourself when you're sleeping tightly.

Recording movement is a great feature too; now I can prove to Dannielle I'm not a fidget. Well, I would if the app hadn't have proved me wrong. The best tip is to leave the app open, and place your phone by your pillow, to let it record both the sound and the movements. Again, it makes for a great revelation to how much you shift when you sleep.

The smart alarm function takes your current alarm, and sets a time period of half an hour before the alarm is due to wake you up. The alarm will then check your movements during the time and will wake you up when you start to move in the morning. A word of warning though, I set the smart alarm for 6:30-7 the other morning; however Grace decided to grizzle at about 6. The app decided that 6 and 6:30 were the same thing and started going off. So be wise, if you think you'll need to get up to pee, probably not the best idea to set it.

Another good little feature are the handy tips and tricks with plenty of advice of how to sleep easier, how to set up your room to give you the best sleep possible, and quick wins to help yourself get to sleep quicker. Also, how to stay awake better, how to wake up easier, and exercises to help you keep yourself fit.

 Overall, would definitely recommend the app. I use it every night, and the tips definitely help you relax, and enjoy the best sleep I've had in times.
Review: SleepBot Review: SleepBot Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, January 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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