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Review: Safety Razors; Bristle and Blade

Yes, I know I posted the other week about Shave Kit Razors, and I know I raved on and on about how good they are, and how much of a saving you make when you get them on subscription, however, I've discovered a better, cleaner shave, which overall costs less. Let me explain.

On Boxing Day, Dannielle and I found ourselves meandering around the town centre, before taking our daughter to my dads. We had a bit of money in our pocket, so we went our seperate ways, so she could get Grace some more clothes. I found myself outside of a shop in the shopping centre called Bristle and Blade. I looked inside, and found some of the best looking razors I'd seen. I settled on a wooden handled razor, which came in the box pictured at the start of the post, and 50 blades.

Later that evening, I started shaving. Luckily I'd been given some sandalwood shaving cream (thank you Dannielle), and lathered up to what I thought would be a rough shave. I made sure my life insurance was in order, said my prayers, and as I pictured severing my head clean off my shoulders, I started shaving.

Oh my god. I have never, ever had a closer shave in my life. Being gentle, I found the 5 day old stubble coming off of my face with ease. I took plenty of care to shave, and once I was done, my face was so soft, I could rival my daughter for baby-face.

In terms of maintaining the blades and the handle, it's incredibly durable, and simple to clean. A little warm water brings off the excess hair, and left over soap. Changing the blade is simple as well. Twist the head off carefully, remove the old blade, and replace with the other.

Now to the matter of cost. The handle itself was £25, which is double your standard Gillette or Wilkinson Sword, however, the blades I chose were £7,50. For a box of 50. Assuming I change the blade once a week, I've spent £7.50 for a years worth of shaving. If you match that to the £7,99 a month you'd spend on Shave Kit, or the £12.99 on Gillette, it's a hell of a saving! You'd save roughly £88.38 against Shave Kit, and £148.38 against Gillette. £148 on blades alone!

Only one negative, you need to be incredibly careful when moving the blade on your face. One wrong slip behind my ear left me nearly needing stitches and a blood transfusion.

Overall, though the handle was the most expensive component, I would 100% recommend a safety razor to anyone and every one. Just the cost alone makes this a definite must for anyone's shaving ritual, and will give you the best shave you've ever had. Just be careful!

Details about blades can be found on http://www.bristleandblade.co.uk/ and their store can be found below.

Review: Safety Razors; Bristle and Blade Review: Safety Razors; Bristle and Blade Reviewed by Matt Large on Saturday, January 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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