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Progression and the Future

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I find myself sat with my daughter, whose napping in her bouncer. On TV, some American crime tat where the most famous person is the murderer is playing, not for any want of entertainment, but as background noise. I'm messaging a couple of friends, and speaking to my dad, whose helping my partner lay carpet in our new home. It's freezing, and I've had enough coffee, Dowue Egberts are going to send me a birthday card. I find myself steadily thinking about the future, not just of my daughter, or me and my partner, or of the blog, but of everything else around us.

The local town is changing, slowly but surely, and with an ongoing surety, there is a lot in the world currently changing. At this point, I'm refraining from speaking about the tiny-handed yeti now taking over at the White House, but that's a post for a different person, for another day. Technology is changing, sports are changing, television is changing. 5 years ago, anyone who would have suggested virtual reality would be the next big thing would have been laughed at. Burnie from Rooster Teeth came under fire for saying digital downloads will be bigger than physical copies of media; games, DVD's and CD's. He was run off of a podcast for saying such things, and now look! I've downloaded the best of Dean Martin off of iTunes, as well as most of the episodes of the Grand Tour from Amazon! He was right by saying physical media is on the way out, a few years ago (when working in a second hand shop), a small girl pointed at some stock on the shelf and said to me "what are those?". They were CD's. I'll let that sink in.

But the polar opposite of this, vinyl is still making it's way back into the homes of everyone under 30. Personally, I love records, and I'm thankful for my late mum giving me her collection, including some absolute classics. ABBA box set anyone?

I look at the blog as well. Over the past eight years, the blog has become something for more than me to vent on, and write the odd review of some obscure game, or app. It's become a platform which, according to the stats I receive daily, more than 3 people like. Nothing can make me feel happier. Personally, I'd like to thank everyone who has read the blog, from the United States to Philippines. Honestly, the Philippines...

There's a lot to do going forward. I've got interest from people who would like to include their writing. I've also spoken to a couple of interested people who may allow me to include their posts, and plenty of possible collaborations going forward, here's hoping 2017 will be a damn site better than the last year. 

Here's hoping anyway.
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