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Review: Shave Kit Razors

As a man who loves a clean shave on a regular basis, I find it harder and harder having to justify spending £14 on a pack of four blades for an overpriced piece of metal and plastic, which you can't even open unless you have a razor blade to open the damn packaging. So late one afternoon, I found myself on my PC looking up cheaper alternatives. Yes, I could have bought a 400-pack of Bic razors for a quid, but the feel just isn't the same. That is until I stumbled on Shavekit.

For a cheap entry price, they sent me a handle and a blade in a box the size of a DVD case. I attached the razor, and found my face profoundly smoother than I've had from a Gillette razor. They come in two types of head, three blade and five blade. The three blade option is easier to clean, but the five blade comes with a trimming attachment on the top of the blade which rips hair out like it's caught in a wood chipper. Once the blades have been worn in from a couple of shaves, they keep on lasting for the entire week before you reluctantly have to say goodbye to the it, and strap another one on.

Both sets of blade come on a monthly subscription basis, however this can be changed to two or three monthly, depending how much of a mountain man you want to look. For £8.95 every couple of months, it's definitely worth it. They also offer a leather wash bag, designed for frequent travellers, made of buffalo hide and nylon, which looks ultra stylish, all for £40.

You can also order a new handle should you need it, or you can pause the subscription at any time, if you find yourself in the midst of Movember without needing to shave, Good for my nan, she helps out with men's causes every year. She grows a moustache every November.

I'd definitely recommend the razors, and sincerely mean the quality is definitely up to scratch with other more expensive blades. A definite purchase to see you into the new year.
Review: Shave Kit Razors Review: Shave Kit Razors Reviewed by Matt Large on Friday, December 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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