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Despite all of the cheer sounding Christmas this year, there has been an absolute tonne of death flowing around. As of writing this, people are just coming to terms with George Michael dying (a really cruel irony), and now we've lost Carrie Fisher; it makes me wonder, who's next? But not just who was next, but about the loss a hell of a lot of us have had this year, and every year before.

For those of you who don't know, my mum passed away on 1 August this year, and the loss hit all of us hard. Not just me, or my dad, but my partner, and my friends who knew her so well. She loved Christmas more than the kids did, which made it very hard this year to get overly excited about anything. But on the positive side, my daughter was born 21 days later on 21 August, and she carries her name with her, so she's never really gone.

I'm not gonna dive into detail too much, but for those who didn't know Sue Large, she fought hard against cancer almost two years ago, and won that particular battle, but earlier this year, she was diagnosed again, so the cycle continued. I got a call one day at work from my dad, ego told me to get to the hospital as quickly as I could. I bolted up to the ward, to be told my mum only had a few weeks to live. I worked through it, however just a few days later, mum passed away in the Prosoect Hospice, surrounded by me, my dad and my sister. Two weeks later she was cremated, and two days after that, my daughter, Grace, was born. Though she'll never meet her nan, she's definitely going to be told about her. She's never going to be forgotten, and she'll never be lost.

Though this isn't a cheery "happy new year" post, it's something I believe needs to be said. Every day there is someone who is suffering with loss, or someone who is going to find out the worst news of their lives. These people are the strongest of us all, as they carry 100% of the burden on their shoulders, and continue to show us all the best side of humanity.

For everyone this new year who's going through the same struggle my mum went through, I raise a glass, and pray a silent prayer that you remain as strong. And for everyone else, if we can learn from their example, the world will become a much better place.

Happy new year, all of you.

Sue Large
25-09-1955 - 01-08-2016

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