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Review: Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast

There's a lot to be said when something captivates you like nothing else, whether it's fine art, sweet music, or a Hollywood blockbuster. Alternatively, something so basic, that can pull at your frontal lobe, and expand your mind can really bring a sense of perspective to the blue marble we all come home. Welcome everyone, to the Those Conspiracy Guys podcast.

Hilariously funny, massively esoteric, incredibly enjoyable, captivating, eye opening, and gripping, the fortnightly podcast from two Irish lads, Gordo and Paul, cover the thoughts that fly around your mind after seeing something that doesn't quite sit well, whether it is 9/11, Sandy Hook school shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, or something as simple as ghosts or Slenderman, Gordo and Paul give an insightful, enjoyable and well-thought argument from both sides, and keeps you captivated right up to the very end, when they gracefully "get off of the fence". Sometimes this happens earlier in an episode than you may think (The Mothman Prophecies), but ultimately, it's salt for the mind, and makes you truly think of the world around you.

A small part of what makes these guys so enjoyable is when they will use a subject of a conspiracy (such as Bigfoot), and bring them to life through sheer imagery. Whether it's Bigfoot, Mothman, or any other cryptozoologist animal, like werewolves, you can bring up an image faster than Usain Bolt on speed. They're also constantly contributing new ideas, and embracing new platforms to get the message out to everyone, on Twitter (where they are incredibly responsive, and always up for the craic), or Blab (which unfortunately no longer runs), but regular live shows gets everyone involved, and allows their fans to chip in and debate parts of a conspiracy which they want to talk about.

Overall, a truly enjoyable podcast, with an incredibly talented pair (who every week will bring on someone new to lend a hand to throw in their two cents), who have the sheer power to keep you listening, and hoping for more. I'd wholeheartly recommend following them on Twitter, Facebook, and listening to them on any podcast app you may have. Also, they have a Patreon campaign which at this time of writing is helping them support their art, and has almost $2000 a month in contributors!

Their website is https://thoseconspiracyguys.com/, go and check it out, but if you guys fancy a listen before you go, the video below gives an idea to the kind of podcast you'll subject your mind too, and I hope you all enjoy as much as I do! But be warned, some episodes can last over 6 hours, so put your thinking caps on, and enjoy.

Review: Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast Review: Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, November 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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