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Review: Beyond 14

 Have you ever been so bored you've thought to yourself "I want to play a game matching up numbers?" Neither have I, until I found this little gem on the iOS store that is. Completely free to play, the object of this game is to match numbers, and, well, that's about it. However, it is highly addictive. So much in fact that my partner just stole my phone to play it. Whether you're walking to work, sat on the tube, on the bus, or on the throne, Beyond 14 is a simple game of just matching numbers to make higher numbers.

Going well...

The basic idea of the game is to match numbers up to denominations of 7, so you add 2 of the same tile together to make a higher numbered tile. 1+1 = 2 kind of thing. After you get to 7, you get three basic powerups, which can remove a tile, change the tiles you can select, or can copy one tile to match them together. Same thing after you reach 14, and 21. You only get 3 undo's, so you need to use them wisely.


You can also change your theme, styling how you'd like to play the game. However, for a couple of the themes you have to pay £2.29, or you could pay £5.99 to have all themes, and be ad-free. To be honest, the game is so addictive you just get used to the ad's, and £2.29 for a theme doesn't really appeal to everyone, but hey, who am I to judge?

Yes I know that this game looks too simple, and any old Tom, Dick or Harry can play it, but honestly, it's harder than it looks. Either that or I can't count. You do the math.,.


Review: Beyond 14 Review: Beyond 14 Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, November 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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