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I sit on a blue mattress covered by a blanket. My partner lays with 2 small circles attached to her stomach. As we look at the machine, we follow 1 number, gently rising and falling, undulating like

We've been watching intently, for 10 minutes, when Dannielle needs to do her blood sugar test. Being I am the way with blood (that's to say I become the worlds biggest paperweight at the seight of it), I excuse myself to get a cup of overpriced coffee, and inhale a nicotine-filled mini snooker cue, and walk through the empty, and strangely quiet corridors of the ward. That is until I turn a corner at the nurses station, and my ears tune in to a pulsing sound; heartbeats. A dozen echoed heartbeats beating through the machines, not unlike the one that Dannielle is attached to. It's the sound of life, the sound of a dozen growing people, hearts beating all as one.

For 7 months, we've been planning, thinking, scheming and patiently waiting. We're only here because we need to be, it's not our time; not just yet. Another few weeks, and the Moses basket will become her home. Another few weeks, and the buggy will become her top transport option. Another few weeks, and she will be here. Grace.

A name chosen not for family reasons, but because it's her. A name we decided on from the moment Dannielle said it. We fell in love with it, almost as fast as we fell in love with her. A perfect moment for both of our lives. We knew that we would love her, but we did not expect it to be this strong already. We've seen the pictures in monochrome, developing throughout the days and weeks, everything according as planned. Almost 31 weeks have passed, and every day we have thought of nothing else but her. Of course there have been times where we've been frightened, but every moment spent planning the immediate future is the every moment cherished.

We trade glances with each other when I step back into the curtained section of the 20x20 room, and we smile at each other. Our look at each other says it all, frightened or not, we are ready.

Grace, we are ready.
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