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Review: Agario for Android

Yes I know it's been a while since I've last posted a review, and yes I know that the site's had a lot of down time as of recent, but hey-ho, here we are with a new review! And this time, the review that's going on here is a game which a few of you may have heard of called Agario. From what I've learnt, this is derived from a Japanese discovery made in the 1600s which is a jelly like substance found in algae. This suits the game down to the ground, as, you guessed it, your character is a jelly like blob.

Chased by Ireland...

The game itself is an easy game to play, very simple but incredibly fun. It's a basic game with very simple instructions to eat as much as you can (small dots increase your mass) and not get eaten. The more you eat, the bigger you become. Very simple game play defeats boredom very easily, and makes for hours of easy game play. Sure it can be very frustrating when you get eaten, but the simplistic style, easy to play controls and ultra-colourful but basic graphics makes you just want to play more.

One small gripe in this game though, if you're a bit further away from your router than you would like to be, the game lags worse than a Call of Duty game. It leaves you one minute safe, next minute like a cake in a Weight Watchers meeting. I'd also like to say that the lack of a single player game makes for a game which you can only play on the Wi-Fi or if you have a high Internet bundle for your phone. This game would be perfect for your morning commute if there was an offline mode available.

Oh shiiiiii-
This game is always a good time killing game, easy and simple to play and always going to be a tonne, of fun. Highly recommended, and the flash game is even more fun. The Web game can be found at http://www.agar.io and I would highly recommend giving it a go!

I'm blue da-buh-dee-ba-buh-die

Imminent death...


Review: Agario for Android Review: Agario for Android Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, July 12, 2015 Rating: 5

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