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Epiphany and the Tale of Primani

Anyone else here had an epiphany? One of those moments where you suddenly think "what on Earth am I doing here?" Or where you suddenly decide that the style of life isn't right for you? I had one of these not too long ago and if I'm honest, it's most probably down to the other half talking to me about style.

Anyone and everyone who knows me will universally agree that I don't have a sense of style. Literally, a red check shirt and a pair of black jeans is my idea of suave and style, so you can imagine what was going through the swede on top of my shoulders when I find myself looking at suits talking to my partner. Anyone who knows me that well will know that my favourite colours are black and purple, so you can imagine the look on my face when she picked out a navy blue suit. If you can't, imagine Heath Ledger as the Joker.


Eating a mouthful of lemon and lime.

Whilst chewing a wasp.

As previously mentioned, I have no sense of style. I will mash together a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for dress down Friday's at work, so suits really don't appeal to me. Well they didn't, until suddenly it hit me stood in the middle of Primark surrounded by bargain hunters on a Sunday afternoon. A navy blue suit? Well certainly why not? I mean what's so different about a blue suit compared to say a grey one or a blue one? Or just wearing the same shirt and trousers to work every day (well not literally, that would just be gross). So I bought it. and I've got to say, that it has been one of my best clothes buys ever since. But just for one of those moments of epiphany (bought on by someone who actually has a sense of damn style), it's opened my mind to different senses of style.

The same thing happened to me with music not too long ago. Not to go too into depth with this, I predominantly listened to rock and heavy metal, with the odd smattering of alternative thrown in with good measure. Then suddenly one day, listening on my headphones, it hit me, "why not listen to something other than this?" So I did. I'm now a huge fan of every other music known to man.

Just goes to prove, if you open your mind to something, then it's probably going to be right for you. Except for meth or heroin, those things are never right. 
Epiphany and the Tale of Primani Epiphany and the Tale of Primani Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, June 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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