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Review: Surgeon Simulator for Android

Paging Doctor Large

Simulator games have really picked up the pace these past few years, which has now included the genre defining games Farming Simulator 2014 (because apparently farming has become a simulator-fan's wet dream) and the cult classic Desert Bus (if you haven't heard of it, it basically entails driving a bus down a desert road from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. In real time. With no pause button). Well, now is the time to really whet your appetite with a simulator game that isn't about driving or farming or oil tankers. Directly taken from the PC version, all of your favourite operations are there, and even include a couple more!

These Cut Backs are Really Starting to Hit Home

I wouldn't trust myself with a pair of scissors like those...

Of course, what better way to start the game than with a heart transplant? And what better way to brutally murder someone whilst performing a heart transplant than drugging yourself up accidently (yes, accidently...) whilst trying to stop the bleeding from the guys open chest cavity? It's incredibly simple to use controls, use 2 fingers to swipe across the screen to see your tools, one finger to pick up an item, tap on the area you want to destr- conduct surgery on, and move the tool at that area. This gives you a finger or a thumb free to multitask with another tool if you need to. As you beat levels, it progresses on, in which you can perform a kindey transplant, an eye transplant, dental surgery, and corridor surgery (pretty much based off of the NHS then). You've got the tools of the trade at either side of you for your use (surprisingly easy to destroy a guys rib cage with a glorified pizza cutter). But what else is impressive, is how you can immediately pop a tape in the tape machine on the main menu screen, type in a sequence of numbers, and immediately butcher an alien in space with a spinning ninja star.
Oh my god I actually did something right!

Well, that went well...
Probably Should Stick with the NHS

Besides from slicing open E.T, the game is undoubtedly fun. It's available on the Google Play Store for £3.99, and I have to say, the fact that you aren't assaulted by countless adverts for things like Clash of Clans and LASEK eye surgery makes this game just that little bit more fun. You don't have to buy anything! You have a little PDA on the left of your screen where you can play "Floaty Dot", get information on the alien vivisection- I mean surgery, information on the best way to transplant the open levels, and how to use the controls. Definitely worth the £3.99, and it won't feel like you've had a kick in the teeth. And even if you have, you could now probably fix it.*

Raring to go!

I can fix this!


*Please do NOT try to remove your own teeth after playing this game, you will probably make a mess of it and have to pay some guy who wears a face mask to remove it for you
Review: Surgeon Simulator for Android Review: Surgeon Simulator for Android Reviewed by Matt Large on Friday, March 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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