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Friends. Those around us that make us happy, those around us that make us sad. The people are us that make us glad that we are human. Those people that will gladly follow you into the abyss and back for the sake of proving you either right or wrong. We re both blessed and cursed to have these people around us, and for better or worse, they fight for us. We love them, we hate them, but most of ll, we could not live without them. These, ladies and gentlemen, are both my friends and your friends.

The friends we keep are ours by choice. They are (somewhat unfortunately) interchangeable, but the strong feelings of adoration and respect we feel for them means that we refuse to throw them away. By keeping our friends close as we can, we build ourselves and make ourselves are strong as we possibly can.

Unfortunately though, sometimes we say and we do the wrong thing, and sometimes we make a complete mess of the things we do. Unfortunately, we lose some of the people we hold the closest of respect for, and I pull no punches when I say that my real friends showed themselves true when I went through a particularly messy breakup not too long ago. It's even more unfortunate to say that I lost more than my fair share of my closest allies whilst I was in said relationship, not out of choice but because I couldn't see further than my own face and I wanted to make the person I was with happy. I was incredibly stupid, and to those people that I pushed away, I can only apologise profusely. I am incredibly sorry for everything that happened, and I'm sorry for losing those of you who tried to open my eyes to what was truly happening. My only real excuse is that love (or lust) makes you blind to the things around you, and I chose to see what I wanted to see.

It just goes to show who will stand by you when the shit really hits the fan, but there is only one thing that we really need to remember; your friends are those that will help you move a sofa when you are moving houses, your closest friends are those that will help you move a body. I have 4 really good friends by that logic.

So whilst we remain thankful for those around us, it's important to remember that we stand by them and support them as much as we can, because one day, they may need to and will do the same thing for you.
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