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Life in the View of Nobody

There' so many ways to express life. Never ending, all encompassing, morose, filled with knowledge. But also with sorrow. Because without life, we would not be. Without the experiences of human beings, we would not understand what it is like to be human. Without war, without witnessing first hand the mass destruction that homosapien can inflict on each other, without the brutal pillage, rape and unmitigated atrocities caused by a so called "civilised race", we would never see deeper than the puddles which fleck the roads we travel on to become what we call "better humans".

We see people in the street, sat beneath the shop windows, begging for scraps and copper commodities to survive the next day, his or her next meal coming in the shape of a small cup half filled with coffee dregs. We offer them the smallest of change, or buy them the meals which will sustain them for a couple of hours, but we never offer any practical help. Why is that? Because we don't want to dirty our hands on people we think less than ourselves. We refuse subconsciously to go above the call of duty for people we believe beneath us. They might only be beneath us to us, but we stubbornly turn blind and the plight of those around us. We ignore the reasons why they are sat on a freezing concrete floor, huddled in a discarded duvet and nursing a small cappuccino like it's the nectar of life. We refuse to see more than we want to see. As a race of supposedly intelligent people, we have turned a blind eye to the plight of our fellow man, woman and child. We sit behind our own faceted dreams and our mortgages and our Starbucks to ignore the issues which are truly obvious. The problems that people have in lives. The choices that they've made for better or for worse have influenced the decisions of their lives since, and will always be a primary influence for them for years to come.

It isn't all about the lower scale of the society or the negativity of your fellow man. When we look at life as a whole, we see that there are many avenues to drive down, many fields and mountains to cross, but why? Becuse there are people we care for much more than our selves. We are not so concerted to be as selfish as to turn our backs on people who influence us much more than ourselves. There are people that we care for much, much more than ourselves, that give us the hope we need to swim upstream, to get out of bed in the morning, to ace the morning meeting with the guys in Head Office, but they are mostly our influences because they show us how important it is to love again. There might be unmitigated moments of madness, of anger and of sorrow, but ultimately. The people we call friends, partners, significant others pose to us the ultimate feeling of affection. They grant us with the gift of love, they give us the sole reason to keep going. We work hard to move in with people we love, to go out with our friends at the weekend and to indulge each other to show how much we truly love each other. We wouldn't work as hard, push as much or fight as hard if we didn't share the love we feel for our fellow man and woman. We love solely because we want to. But most importantly, at least to me, we love because we are simply human.  
Life in the View of Nobody Life in the View of Nobody Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, February 23, 2015 Rating: 5

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