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Review: Aviate Launcher

The Google Play Store is inundated with different launchers for your phone, all promising to be the "number 1 launcher in the world". You've got the Nova launcher, Google Now launcher, Buzz launcher and so many different little launchers around that it's hard to keep track of them. But personally for me, only one launcher stands out, and that is the Aviate Launcher. This app is currently my launcher of choice on my phone, and all snapshots have been taken from my phone.
Released by Yahoo, this launcher boasts a simplistic style, easy to navigate pages and personalised docks for all of your apps to go into one neat little row. I'm going to do my best in going through them all, and we'll start with the home screen.

Home Screen

The home screen offers a simplistic style, with a minimum of 5 apps which are easily interchangeable and can be personalised from installation. The app currently uses 3 different types of themes for the home screen; transparent, dark and light. I'm using the transparent theme at the moment, which offers a sleeker, less cluttered look from the other 2 (both of which have top and bottom banners of either black or white). Scrolling across to my docked apps (all of which are conveniently labelled Social, Dining, Music, etc) the theme picks up common colours from the wallpaper, giving it another personal touch. This launcher is all about how you want your phone to be. It's all about making it unique, just not another factory model Samsung or HTC. Having less apps on the home screen makes things less cluttered for the user, allowing you to enjoy more of your phone wallpaper, whether it be a photo of the sun shining through the trees, or that crap photo of Big Ben you took from a fair distance away. Incidentally, if you want to change your wallpaper, if you hold your thumb or your finger down on the home screen, it'll give you an option to change the wallpaper or add a widget. By selecting wallpaper, this allows you to choose either from your gallery, or selecting the most popular wallpapers from a huge selection of pictures.


Moving onto the next screen, the apps are conveniently arranged into categories, like Social and Music, making the apps easier to find, it catalogues your apps which have been either mostly used or in the order they were installed onto your phone. Having the apps set out like this makes things a lot easier to find (not to mention if you swipe from right to left again, you'll find them all in alphabetical order). Opening the list of the apps in their docks brings up the option of downloading suggested apps, which will sit on the phone, waiting to be installed, pressing the icon again will take you to the Play Store and will allow you to install the app. Nifty.


This is where I find Aviate really succeeds and surpasses all of the competition. If you swipe from left to right on the home screen, it will bring up an icon relevant to what you are doing, for example, as I'm writing this at past 1am, it's set to night mode (this changes to Morning/Afternoon) during the day, where you can place a news widget, a clock, an Any Do to-do list, Twitter or Facebook feed, anything. It'll bring up today's events (linked with Facebook will show any parties, birthdays and any events you're signed up to "attending" although you're actually not). Going left again will allow you to select the other headers (Music, Nearby, Work, Moving, Home and settings). Each of the headers brings up its own specialised area in which you can set you're own relevant widgets, you can set it so it measures the time it'll take you to get from home to work, set up the National Rail app so you can check the next train to Bristol, access Spotify or Audible quickly, check the current traffic and weather, check your email, access Google Drive or Dropbox, find the closest coffee shop or simply just to change the icons used (but more on that in a minute). Just by adding a widget, you expand your interface, and make your phone more unique. Also included on the settings page is the ability to switch straight back to the default home screen, at the simple touch of a button.


As with any half decent launcher, you can truly make your phone your own by adding an icon pack or 3. I'm currently using default icons, but you have infinite possibility when you download the icons. You have icons ranging in price (most are free but some cost around anywhere between 59p and £1.59) and icons ranging in style from chrome circles to 8-bit icons. Depending on what you like (and certainly what you're willing to pay), you can really extend your experience, and make your phone your own personal achievement. Try experimenting with different icons to get a feel for what you want and what goes well with what you like.

Certainly with all of the launcher apps available now, making your new handset into something personal has never been easier, and owing to personal opinion, things can often be split straight down the middle depending on what people are looking for, whether it be for music, something for connectivity, something ultra flashy with all the bells and whistles, or something ultra-utilutarian, I believe that Aviate brings a little bit of each to the table, and gives you an experience which far outweighs the current home screen settings given to us from the likes of Sony, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. I think that this app makes it, not only easier to connect with other people and keep on top of the current affairs, but to make the experience of using your phone easier and faster than ever before. And, almost certainly, the simple, one of price of £0.00 makes everything that little bit sweeter, and a whole lot more worth while.

For more information on Aviate and to download, please click on this link here
Review: Aviate Launcher Review: Aviate Launcher Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Rating: 5

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