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Alive and Kicking

Well, this is a surprise. It has been exactly 6 months since my last post. And a lot of things have happened in such a short space of time. There have been many friends made, some close, some even closer. There have also been very close friends lost, people who I mean to apologise to but just can't bring myself to do it. There have been many ups and many downs in these 120 days. I've seen many allies turn to enemies, and I've seen enemies become close friends. I've told people how much I care, and I've told others how much I don't. But that's enough about that for the time being. It's a fresh start for the site, with one or two changes to it in the meantime.

First order of business, I'm now writing alone. If anyone wishes to write or post an idea, feel free to drop an email, leave a comment, send a carrier pigeon and I'll do my best to either include you or include the idea on the site. Second of all, although some of you may know that at this moment in time I'm again unemployed, but I am still moderately busy with other projects, namely certain people who deserve to see me more than they do. And third, I will sometimes be writing for a site called Planet Ivy, who specialise in general interest stories and various other articles, so please feel free to head on over to www.planetivy.com to see some truly remarkable views on some of the biggest stories around.

Already lined up are a few slightly older subjects that should have been covered not too long ago, but also some more reviews on both old and new. So on that note, may I say it's good to be back, and I shall post soon.


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