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Society Endgame

What is it about society which can rankle the very essence of your being? You see things from the past, on the History Channel and what have you and everyone is working together as one. What went wrong along the way? How come I can walk up the street now and be ignored by those I once called friends? What ever happened to one of the Ten Commandments; "Love Thy Neighbour"? Working in a customer service role, why do nearly half the people I talk to on a daily basis give me an evil, disdainful stare whenever I ask if I can give them any help? Simple matter and the simplest question is, where did the trust go?

Why have we suddenly stopped trusting those who used to be so close to us? The person you once shared some of your best times with is now suddenly ignoring you. Why has this happened? In what instance has that friendship and bond of trust suddenly been turned around and been thrown back in your face? It's time to stop the questions, and throw a hypothetical your way:

'You've known this person for half of your life. You started school with them, college with them, got jobs just down the road from each other, and have always trusted one another. One day, for some unknown reason, it gets turned on its head. Suddenly, he/she stops answering your Facebook messages, stops answering to your texts and even goes as far as ignoring you whenever you try and strike up a conversation with them. The simple answer; "We've outgrown each other"; the more complex answer, "I suddenly do not feel that I can carry on this friendship with you because of factors in my own life that I now suddenly don't want to let you in to".'

It's a misplaced feeling of hope and trust when someone who you grew up with suddenly "outgrows you". If I'm honest, I feel that you can never outgrow someone, as you've already grown up with them. You're now left on your own and you're left without knowing why your apparent best friend has suddenly ditched you. I think that important events in their lives, or your own life can contribute to these things. I'm digressing, but it's all a main fact of it. I think that this has a lot to do with the decline in the way society treats one another.

The fact that these people have just ditched each other can possibly hold back the way we act to each other. We then act, for want of a better word, frosty to anyone who tries to get close, or tries to help. Or tries to sell you a damn Xbox. I think we need to open ourselves more to people, and to let them help.

I'm not a person who needs to be surrounded by people to be happy, I never have been, and I never will. But I'd be devastated if my best friend suddenly said he no longer wanted to hang out or grab a pint with me. I'd be the same as anyone else. Sure I've been like that in the past when people who I thought were friends have gone behind my back and started talking, but I wouldn't be who I am today without trusting new people. Speaking of which, I also think that the more people you trust, you should at least open yourself up to them, it makes life so much easier to deal with when you have more people to talk to, to aid you when you need it. I also think that the more people that you have on your side, the stronger you feel, so when life throws something at you, you shrug it off and keep going with your head held high. 

All I'm saying in this short novel is to just trust people more, to let people know that you care. Because one day, it may happen to you too. If it does, don't come crying to me.  
Society Endgame Society Endgame Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, March 25, 2013 Rating: 5

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