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Smoking is bad for you. That's a given fact. This said, I'm a smoker, along with EVERYONE I work with, half of the customers I know, my parents, my nan, and countless others. In fact, I'm smoking whilst writing this post. But the thing which really gets on my nerves is the sheer amount of kids that I see smoking. Why does every other 12 year old seem to have half a packet of Lambert and Butlers on their hip?

I think it's a shame that this is all too common. I don't know whether it's peer pressure, boredom, trying to seem cool or whatever, but it is most certainly not the most clever thing to do. I'll admit, I had my first drag of a cigarette when I was about 10 (thanks dad) but I didn't pick up my Zippo and a packet of Marlboro Menthols until about 2 years ago and start smoking properly. So why does every kid seem to want to smoke? It's hardly the smartest thing to do. God, when I was that old, I was out playing football with my mates, or on the PS2 or whatever else I was doing at the time. Crack, probably.

What really, really gets on my nerves though is the moments where a 13 year old girl will come up to me and ask if I can spare a fag. No, get your own. Actually, don't. It makes me feel ashamed of the way the world is today when I go up to the shop on my lunch on a Saturday to get a can of Red Bull and a copy of The Sun and I get swarmed with cigarette requests. Obviously, I refuse to get them for them, not just out of principle and the fact that it's illegal for me to buy them for them, but because I don't want to see some kid coughing and wheezing their way through a 10 pack when they could be out doing bigger or better things. Mugging people most probably. I don't encourage anyone to smoke (unless I really do not like you, then I'll buy you a 100 pack and make sure you smoke all of them), and I detest people who buy fags for kids. You should know better. It's about these kids being in at the moment, making themselves seem more grown up than they are. You shouldn't be. You should be out doing whatever a kid does. Go and play football or whatever, instead of sitting around in a group of 25 sharing a dog end around a gratified play park.

Actually, speaking of these groups, why is it such a necessity to want to hang around a town centre at half past 8 at night, asking people for change so you can buy a pouch of Amber Leaf? It's not smart, it's not grown up, and it's certainly not the right thing to do. When you're young, give up all the vices that will inevitably hit you in 10 years time. It'll save you a lot of problems come the future.

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