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Do women really want Ed Miliband to be Prime Minister?
David Cameron’s ‘woman problem’ has reared its head again, if you believe the latest polling data. But is there such a thing as a women’s vote? And do British women want Ed Miliband to be PM?

The latest ICM poll for the Guardian reveals that 51 per cent of women voters would plump for Labour under Mr Miliband, and only 25 per cent for David Cameron’s Conservatives.
Men are much more evenly split between the two parties – with 36 per cent supporting Labour and 29 per cent the Tories.
So Mr Cameron’s 'woman problem' rears its head again. The undercurrent of sexism (his “calm down, dear” Commons moment – RIP Michael Winner), the relative dearth of women ministers, the child benefit cuts: all are trotted out with monotonous regularity as reasons why the PM just can’t woo women.
Heck, he’s even had to appoint a special adviser to come up with female-friendly policies, although some cynical hacks speculated that was simple spin to try and persuade women he cared.

Horse meat scandal: Welsh plant vows to stay open
The owner of a Welsh processing plant at the centre of the horse meat scandal remained defiant today, insisting he would continue operations despite being suspended by authorities.

Farmbox Meats' owner Dafydd Raw-Rees, vowed to stay open and said his employees were continuing to "bone" horse meat despite a ban imposed by the Food Standards Authority.
Further raids were conducted on the plant today and more meat seized from the plant after officials said a consignment had appeared to be "moved" from the premises.
A team of officials discovered several pallets of meat carcasses stored behind the plant's offices on the outskirts of Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth, West Wales.The meat, some of which appeared to be bloodied, was covered in plastic sheets and stored under tarpaulins.
This morning, men were seen moving some of the pallets into vans. It remains unclear what sort of meat it was or whether they were company employees.

Every driver's worst nightmare: Frenchman forced to drive at 125mph after brake failure
A French driver was forced to hurtle 125 miles through northern France at 125 miles per hour after his car speed regulator jammed and the brakes failed.

When Franck Lecerf trundled off to the local supermarket in his Renault Laguna 3 on Saturday, little did he know that he would be involved in a cross-border car chase that would end up in Belgium and make national news.
Mr Lecerf has filed a legal complaint after his car, specially adapted for disabled drivers, jammed, forcing him to plough all round the northern French coastal motorway.
After a terrifying, white-knuckle ride in which he saw "his entire life flash before his eyes", Mr Lecerf ended up in a Belgian ditch surrounded by a fleet of French police cars when his finally petrol ran out.
The 36-year-old was on a dual carriageway on his way to a hypermarket when the car's speed dial first jammed at 60mph. Each time he tried to brake, instead of slowing down, the car accelerated, eventually hitting 125mph where it refused to budge.
As other cars honked and swerved from his path, he managed to call emergency services who instantly dispatched numerous police cars. Realising Mr Lecerf's only option was to keep going until his petrol ran out, they escorted him at breakneck speed across almost 125 miles of French motorway, past Calais and Dunkirk, and over the Belgian border.
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