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Cameron triumphs as European leaders agree on first-ever budget cut
European leaders have agreed to the first-ever reduction in the European Union’s budget, in a significant diplomatic victory for David Cameron.

The deal is expected to set members’ total payments to the EU for 2014-20 at Euro 908.4 billion or £770 billion. For the last seven-year spending round, payments were set at £800 billion, and the new agreement marks the first time the EU’s multi-year budget has fallen.
The agreement was sealed shortly after 4pm in Brussels, after more than 24-hours of non-stop talks, including an all-night negotiation during which Mr Cameron drank numerous espressos and chewed sugary gum sweets.
The deal was announced on Twitter by Herman van Rumpoy, the EU president.
He wrote: “Deal done! #euco has agreed on #MFF for the rest of the decade. Worth waiting for.”
Euco is a reference to the European Council. MFF refers the Multi-annual Financial Framework.

Eating beef is safe, says David Cameron - but parents have to wait til April to find out if school meals are horse-free
Eating processed beef is safe, David Cameron said on Friday night, as he tried to quell the growing scandal of horse meat being sold as beef.

The Prime Minister said it was “completely unacceptable”, that horse meat had been sold in products labelled as containing only beef.
Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, was on Friday night returning from the west Midlands to London to take charge of the situation, amid speculation Mr Cameron had ordered him to do so.
Mr Paterson will on Saturday convene an emergency summit meeting of retailers, which have been asked to check their beef stocks for evidence of horse meat by next Friday.
Separately it emerged that parents will not find out if their children have been fed horse meat instead of beef for another two months because of the length of time needed to check stocks held by schools and hospitals, as well as retailers
Mr Cameron’s words marked a significant hardening of the Government’s attitude towards the crisis. At the regular Downing Street morning briefing, his spokesman had merely described the growing scandal as “distasteful”.

George Osborne accused by Tory MP of running the UK 'just like' Gordon Brown
George Osborne has been accused by an influential Conservative backbencher of running the UK economy “just like” Gordon Brown.

Douglas Carswell, the MP for Clacton, has written an article in which he demands that the Chancellor gets the economy “back on track” by making major tax cuts, liberalising planning laws and scrapping five Whitehall departments.
It will pile pressure on Mr Osborne, who has recently faced rumours of a parliamentary plot to oust him.
Mr Carswell said he does not think that the country needs a new Chancellor, but that Mr Osborne needs to dramatically change course in order to turn around the flagging economy.
In a major criticism of Mr Osborne’s leadership, the backbencher warns that Britain’s finances are not currently being hurt by the eurozone crisis as much as they are being impacted by “public policy made at home”.
Describing Mr Osborne’s current approach as “Osbrown economics”, Mr Carswell said “the Coalition has followed pretty much the same trajectory Labour was planning had they remained in office”.
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