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My Bloody Valentine - m b v - Album Review

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first review (apologies if it's complete shit).

I'd like to talk to you today about the old rock band My Bloody Valentine, Kevin ShieldsColm Ó Cíosóig, Debbie Googe and Bilinda Butcher, who released two critically acclaimed albums Isn't Anything (1988) and Loveless (1991) then completely disappeared for over 20 years, only releasing two songs during that period. Now in 2013, the band return with their new album 'm b v', which I will review today. Now, I have never heard anything from My Bloody Valentine, not a single song, so I have no experience with the band or what they sound like. This should be fun.

The album itself seems to be split into three sections and within each section there are three similar sounding tracks. I will call them 'Shoegaze', 'Electronica' and 'DnB'.

Part 1: 'Shoegaze'.
1. She Found Now
Well, the album gets off to a very good start with this incredibly distorted track. The chord progression is irregular, though very well written. The lyrics are incomprehensible, but Shields' moaning male vocal in the background of this fuzzy chaos adds a very chilling effect to the track, I could almost fall asleep listening to it. The song is pretty much like this the whole way through, with extra layers of guitars bending notes in the background which adds more beauty to the track. At the end, the song fades out with one final fuzzy chord.

2. Only Tomorrow
This is probably my favourite song on the whole album. It's very similar to the first track, accept the vocals are louder and the drums are also more audible. There isn't as much fuzz coming from the lead guitar and I really like the chords. The melody of the chorus is just astounding though, and works really well with the rest of the song. There is a guitar solo in this song, not particularly impressive, I think it may have worked better as another layer over the vocals, but It's beautiful nonetheless. The song fades out at the end during the solo.

3. Who Sees You
This song a lot weirder than the other two in the distortion section as pretty much every note from the lead guitar is bent. Like the other two songs from the section though, the chord progression is very good and the vocals are just incomprehensible which adds a mysterious nature to the track. This track also has a guitar solo, which does add quite a lot to the track I must say. The track comes to a very sudden stop to end.

Part 2: 'Electronica'.
4. Is This And Yes
This is a very nice song, reminiscent of 'Treefingers' from Radiohead's 'Kid A'. There is no guitar in the single, just two or three keyboards layered over each other, a very subtle pulse drumming and the usual quiet vocal. It is drastically different from the first three tracks on the album and ends with the instruments casually slowing down and fading out.

5. If I Am
This track is very similar to it's predecessor, in fact, I'm sure the very same keyboard melody and chord progression are used. The difference though is that there is a guitar with wah-wah added and the drums are a lot more prominent. There is also a mini solo in the middle with Shields singing "do do do" quietly over the top of it. The song ends unexpectedly at 3:34 and then goes to some sound effects straight out of an Atari game, which soon fade out, bringing with it the end of the track.

6. New You
This is the best track from this section in my opinion. It contains prominent, distorted bass throughout the song with keyboard and quiet wah-ing guitar in the background, which I can only describe as being similar to the opening of Radiohead's Bones. The track carries on like this, but has brief interludes where everything stops except the drums. This song has a chorus too, which is very nice.

Part 3. 'DnB'.
7. In Another Way
This is where the album starts to get a lot more strange. The intro to the song is incredibly loud guitars bending high pitched notes. The drums are looped throughout the entire song, hence 'DnB'. I really like the rest of the song though, the chorus has a really cool guitar riff to hold it up. The rest of the song is ok, the synth in the background adds more of a chill aspect to it and the verse guitar is very cool. The song ends with a quick fade out.

8. Nothing Is
This song throws you straight in to chaos. All you can hear is the same quick repeating guitar riff and the drums looping constantly, sometimes getting louder or softer. This takes up the whole song, until near the end, when there is a short drum solo and the track fades out. It is entirely instrumental.

9. Wonder 2
This track begins with and consists of a whooshing sound, like wind in your face. the vocals try hard to compete with the sound, but are almost completely covered by it. The drums in this track sound incredibly electronic and again loop through most of the song. There is a lyricless chorus of some sort with a chord progression which has a bar chord whose tone gradually increases. The song follows the verse chorus structure twice, then the second chorus plays out until the end of the song, where everything stops except the wind and the drums, then everything comes to a complete halt, ending the album.

Overall, I give the album 4 stars out of a possible 5. I think some of it flows very well and some of the tracks are incredibly beautiful, grungey compositions, but some of it really drags on or doesn't fit in. Apart from that, I really liked the album, and it has inspired me to check out the other My Bloody Valentine albums. If you want to check out this release, you can buy it here.

Hope you enjoyed the review!
My Bloody Valentine - m b v - Album Review My Bloody Valentine - m b v - Album Review Reviewed by Jack Wright on Monday, February 04, 2013 Rating: 5

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