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Is Anything Perfect?

What if, in a perfect world, there was no war? No violence? No death due to malnourishment, AIDS, unclean water? In short, what if the world was perfect? would it be a happily ever after? Or i it just the dream of people who care too much or want to seem like they care?

90 of you will say that "life would be amazing, perfect, end of story!" But the question I put to all of you is simple; "would it be?". After all, it is intrinsic human nature to fight, to live, work and die, to learn along the way. But not all of these dreams of the uber-optimistic are non-justifiable. I mean look at us all. We aim to survive, learn what we can and die happy. These are all basic human needs. We create cures for diseases thought incurable, like smallpox and are fighting back against cancer, AIDS, whooping cough and countless other horrible diseases. We develop immunity against such things to in a future not so far, we don't need to inoculate, protect and inject. It's about evolving past the stage to need these things when they hit you hardest, and it could happen. Maybe someday, but not today.

And what about those who cannot fend for themselves, like children, who starve to death because they cannot get the food they need to survive. This cannot be blamed on any party. We cannot change the eco-system of Earth any more than we can change the laws of time and space. My view is that to create something artificial is to create artificial happiness that is just not feasible. It is my belief that this can't be achieved, because there are so many resources need to create the artificial substitute in the first place. It may seem like I've kind of skirted around this subject a little bit, and I'm sure that some people may provide an answer in concrete, but the question is to hard at the moment to create a long term fix, not a simple band-aid on a cracked wall.

War is a tough subject to write about from a blog point of view, as it is such a long standing piece of human nature and a permanent fixture of countless books. When you mention war to people, they immediately think of World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam and Afghanistan. This is because they are the most widely publicised wars to date. But what about wars fuelled by religion, such as The 6 Day War and the Crusades. These wars were down to religion, be they Islamic, Sikh, Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Jedi, whatever. Quite frankly, the "one true religion" may always be unknown to us, until the day that the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse descend on us and the one religion will become apparent  Whether this happens on the 21st of December, the 9th of April or any of the other 363 days in the calendar in the infinite future if a completely different thing. Unless every religion puts asides differences, and let bygones be bygones, then it will always happen. For all we know, it may be the Buddhists who rise up and threaten to destroy humanity. I'm just saying.

So a perfect world soon? No. In the future? Maybe. Definitely? Indefinite.
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