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Being Narrow

You know, it's amazingly appalling how narrow-minded some people are about anything and everything. Music, looks, films, books, houses, work, anything and everything. It's actually horrible how some people get so defensive about something they don't understand. And it's amazing how many people who're narrow minded are also stubborn. You try and air your beliefs to these people and they douse it like flames, then proceed to piss on your proverbial bonfire. 

Take for example people who only listen to one style of music. These numb nuts will only listen to something, and instead of being eclectic and letting people have an opinion about another genre, they then get in your face, proclaim anything apart from the music they listen to is decent and then fuck off into obscurity. I listen to a little bit of everything, I don't mind, music is after all an acquired taste, but to just solely listen to one thing over and over again then to go and put everyone else down is a bit much. A typical conversation with one of these people is a little bit like this:

Person 1- "Have you heard the new album by Band 1?"
Person 2 - "Yeah I have, I liked it, have you heard the new song by Band 2?"
Person 1 - "Nah, I don't listen to that shit"
Person 2 - "Why's that, these bands are near enough the same"
Person 1 - "No they're not, everyone else by comparison is crap"

By the way, if you act like person 1 in any conversation regarding anything cultural, you are incredibly narrow minded and please don't vent your opinion if you can't back it up.

Oh my god, people who are narrow minded about work get me angry, especially those living off of the state. Dole office regulars who reject all work just because it's "not them". I don't care if you can't find a job in nuclear physics or you can't find a job because you're "overqualified", you're never going to get any experience by moaning, you can only do a job you don't enjoy when you're experiencing that. How do you know that you won't make a good call centre worker or cleaner before you try? Betting is that you're going to hate it at the start, I was nervous as hell when I started in retail, and now I love it, customers make my day and my workmates are an incredible bunch of people. Practice makes perfect I suppose

On a change of subject, my next post I hope will be a video, so when I have some spare time, I will review Max Payne 3 or another new game, so keep reading the blog and I will see you all soon.
Being Narrow Being Narrow Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, July 02, 2012 Rating: 5

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