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Days at Work

Wow, just, wow. It's been too long since I've been on here. It's been day after day of the same thing, filled with work and people. I enjoy looking around at the people who walk into a store, amazed at what people want to sell.

Working at a place like Cash Generator opened my eyes to see the amount of people with weird and wonderful items to sell. Example, the amount of people who ask if we buy wetsuits is amazing. Who the hell dives in Swindon? And people asking how we do the job, like we look on some type of Oracle data banks to find the information. We don't. Honestly, it's mostly Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay. And the amount of people who have a pop at us for trying to explain a moderately simple procedure. And if you're looking to sell something, remember to bring ID. I don't like turning people away most of the time, and I hate it if it's a massive item like a drum kit or something equally as large. I can clearly see that you've lugged it across the dimension and back, and I don't want you to go away with it.

Also, I love how people tend to have a pop at us because we are just "a blue and yellow Cash Converters". Truth be told, the owner of Cash Generator used to be the CEO of Cash Converters, so it may be similar. I enjoy working with the people I work with and it's always good to watch them do well at what they do. Whether it's the Cheque office, the buying counter or the sales counter, it's a hive of something we all enjoy doing. It may be a slog making tickets (thanks Donna), and may be a bitch getting a ton of stock out in the mornings, but we get by. We may have a roomful of excess stock which may be drastically overpriced, or faulty, or whatever else, but it's always good to see a customer leave happy. Even if they come back 10 minutes later complaining that there stereo doesn't make coffee like they asked for.

Back to buying, and again, it's truly amazing the sort of stuff we see. In my time there, I've seen the odd wetsuit, a fish tank, a bath chair for the elderly (mysteriously covered in some sort of slime), lava lamps, ornaments, crystal glasses, snuff boxes, Gothic jewellery, television remote's, remote control tanks, signed memorabilia, unsigned memorabilia, mobile phones with no buttons, tea pots, hip flasks, someone's belt, batteries and other things like that. Why sell your laptop with half a screen and a smoking battery? Why try and flog a dead horse and try and haggle an item worth a fiver to get me up to £100. Why say you paid £10 for an item then ask for £20. I think that some people are just desperate for the cash.

On a different subject, I don't care if you think anyone is an addict. I don't care if someone is a smack head and they are trying to sell their grandmothers ashes to try and raise enough for the next fix. I'll pay a little less on the item, just to make it that much difficult for them. As long as they don't ask me to inject them, it's up to the person. Some people may not agree with that, but people are people at the end of the day.

Keeping slightly on subject, if you are looking to sell something and you don't like the price offered, there really is no need to call me a c**t. I find it so much nicer if you just say no then walk out. Just today I offered someone a price on a blatantly stolen item and got told to go f**k myself and that I was extremely rude. I offered them a low price because rather than just say no, if it was sold to us then it's less out of the companies pocket at the end of the day. But to fly of the handle like that, there's just no need. Oh, and that reminds me, if I offer you a price, then you ask the other buyer what he'd offer, telling him that I offered 4 times the amount I did, try not to ask him when I'm stood right next to him. I just find it funny how people seem to forget we're not behind a brick wall and that we actually communicate with each other. And I think that if you don't want to haggle a price, try and stand next to your statement. I have lost count of the amount of times someone's wanted for example £30 for their items, then me or the other buyer have offered a 5th of that amount and they've just gone "yeah alright". I may sound moaning and wanting an easy job, but sometimes we do like the challenge.

Anyway, changing the subject, I'll try to update here once in a while, not these late night posts. I enjoy blogging, but I haven't had the time. So I'll try and make it a more recent occurrence, like on one of my days off or every Sunday or whenever else. Just keeping watching this blog, and comment or post with ideas, it's always nice to hear.
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