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Slow-Ass Sundays

Frank Sinatra playing from the PC. Cups of tea and coffee. A share bag of Maltesers. Truly what Sundays are made of. Sitting down, getting stuff sorted out with little or no procrastination. Going out is also the option, especially around 11 o'clock, as this allows for eating brunch out somewhere. A coffee shop perhaps. Subway maybe. Whatever it is you do, you can always remember that the Sabbath day is always a day to get everything done.

This morning, for example, I sorted out all of my money, re-arranged my CD's and DVD's, arranged my books, deleted some programs from my PC, sorted out the music on my music player and deleted some of the stuff cluttering up my phone. I bought a Subway, got a new Subcard and done all of the small things which I haven't managed to do during the week. That's just an example.

A lot of people do heavier stuff on a Sunday, especially when the tax man comes knocking. I've talked to people who do stuff like balance their cheque books, pay bills, look at their savings and other things like that. It's a pity banks are closed on Sundays really. It can be good at times to watch people running around like headless chickens whilst trying to do this, as it reminds me that I'm not quite at the paying bills stage. A few years and I'm sure I will be.

This is one of those things where I'd like to know, what do you do on Sundays? Please, leave a comment under this post, or leave me a Tweet on Twitter, with @mattinanutshell. Remember to check out our Facebook page, our Twitter, and leave us a message on either matt.large1993@gmail.com or mattinanutshell@gmail.com
Slow-Ass Sundays Slow-Ass Sundays Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, September 18, 2011 Rating: 5

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