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Chin Up

Sometimes I think some people need to cheer the fuck up a little bit. Seriously, walking through town is like walking through a care home. Nothing but sad faces and moaning, waiting to get dosed up with pills. Why are people so down on life nowadays. People complaining about something or other. "Oh, those chips were a bit soft", "That can of Coke was how much?!", "Sometimes I don't think you listen". I think the government should stop worrying about the toxins that go into water supplies from wherever and just slip some Valium into the supply. Jesus, why do people get so depressed over the little things? I have a theory.

I think people get so sad over the small things because we are too used to them. Back in the days when petrol was 10p and you got change, nobody worried about things like 'saturated fat amounts', 'calorie counting' or 'the amount of hydrogenated fat'. The only thing people ever worried about was money. There wasn't enough of it, and nobody ever had any of it. But putting that aside, no one cared what anyone thought of you, or popularity, or anything else basic. They didn't care, simple as that. Why do we care now how much that polo shirt was, or that now you bought a £7000 handbag you have to re-mortgage your house.

Sometimes people should just relax a little bit more. It's late September, it's warm out, no hay-fever. It should be a good time. Otherwise, just sit inside, relax, moan and blo- oh, wait...
Chin Up Chin Up Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. i dont know in what kind of zombie town you take your walks but i would be drepressed, too, if everyone around me would be depressed like that ^^


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