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Thorpe Park Review

Eeeeeee god,
I haven't posted in ages, but that's what happens when you're a producer x)
Anywho, I went to Thorpe park about 2 weeks ago Mainly because of the SAW ride, but I'll talk about that later.

The first ride I went on at Thorpe Park was the Nemesis Inferno, As you viewers may know from "The Inbetweeners"?
It's one of those roller coasters where, there's nothing under your feet, And in my case VERY scary
heehee, The second ride was the Tidal wave, A water-ride, It was very hot that day so I said to my papa "ah, this should cool us down", Not knowing just how soaked we where going to get, Well the name "Tidal wave" should give you a clue, and that's all I'm saying for that ride xD

The third ride was one of great speed, "Stealth" Never have I been on a faster ride, It goes 0-80 in 2.36 seconds and goes up 105ft high (I think xD) My papa being scared had his eyes closed the whole time, bwahahaha what a wuss :)

The fourth ride was one of great Dexterity,
Yes Dexterity (shh I like that word)
This was the "Colossus" A ride which Corkscrews (haha I texted my friend that and I said ****Screwed)
Basically it corkscrew 5 times to the right and then Once to the left at the end.

The fifth ride was one of great time,
Finally, The SAW Ride, I had to wait 2 hours to get on but it was worth it, I even got right at the front :P What it does, It goes up 100ft high and drops at 100 degree's which basically bends in on itself :D They film your face on it, so I might upload it to YouTube for the giggles xP

The sixth ride wasn't even a ride,
No this was the SAW alive maze, A maze with actors dressed up as people from the Films, man I almost crapped myself when pig face popped out X) I even got my picture taken with Billy the Puppet,

The seventh ride was one of shock,
This was really shocking, It was a roller coaster... THAT GOES BACKWARDS :D
I went on it like 19 times (I'm not joking, the Que was tiny near the time the park was closing)

The last ride was one of relaxation,

The last ride was relaxing, it was the Rumba rapids, But not fast rapids, They were slow ones, I almost fell asleep xD

Well that's all.... Eto.... This is my longest post YAY :D

Oh yeah when we got there

Papa: What time does it close?
Me: 8 'O' clock
Papa: What time are we leaving?
Me: 8 'O' clock.

X) haha that will be all
Sayonara Peeps <3
Thorpe Park Review Thorpe Park Review Reviewed by Tilli Saunders on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Rating: 5

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