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A Spare 10 Minutes

I've got time to spare. We all do sometimes. We all do things in this time. Some drink coffee. Some increase their productivity in something or other. Others game. A lot of people listen to music. I do the majority of these things. I also blog. So this is what I'm going to blog about. Having spare time.

Some people can use time productively. Unfortunately, I'm not one of these people. I try and waste as much time as I can, just to try and get through the day. I'm not saying that I blog to fill my time, I enjoy blogging. I just don't have to do anything else with that time. I read. I blog. I listen to music. I do whatever I can to fill the time. During the week, I have appointments at various places, but it's just the waiting for the appointments which makes the week go 100x slower than it should be. My god my life is empty.

There are things to do to relieve this boredom and spare time. I could sleep, but that's just pointless. I could game, but I really can't be bothered to wade through all of the Americans on Call Of Duty. I could read, but I have actually read all of the books in my room. The only ones we have left are game manuals, and trust me, they are the biggest drags to read.

Maybe I should find a hobby or something. Model aeroplanes, model trains. Mugging old people outside Tesco's. Okay, maybe not the last one. 
A Spare 10 Minutes A Spare 10 Minutes Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, August 08, 2011 Rating: 5

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