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Review: Trivium; In Waves

The new Trivium album is out today, so I've decided to review it. So, I'll begin. Trivium have been around for years, with their first album Embers to Inferno not really taking off. Only with their second venture, Ascendancy, did things start to come together. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr opened the band up to the world of metal, showing everyone that they were more than just a California venture into the landscape of metal. Their third album, The Crusade, replaced screaming vocals (but by no means "screamo") with clean cut, powerful singing. Their single, Anthem (We Are The Fire) launching them cleanly into space, with no chance of a mid air explosion, and their world crashing down. Tread The Floods kept them their, whilst they went on tour for a solid year, later to follow up with one of the best albums I've heard. Shogun. Named after a Japanese Samurai warrior, this album mixes the 2 vocal styles, blending a smoothie of the 2 albums which threw them into the stratosphere. But, unfortunately, they drummer left the band, leaving them stranded. Now, 3 years on, with a new drummer, the follower to this album has arrived, In Waves. Literally.

First of all, I think this album is great. I listened to the Radio 1 Rock Show the other night, and they had Trivium live in session, playing a couple of songs. Built To Fall (track number 9) and In Waves (the title track, and for some reason, track number 2). They sounded crisp, clean and like they had a score to settle. The first track, Capsizing The Sea, is a solely instrumental track, leading into track 2, In Waves, which immediately sounds like a train hurtling through a tunnel at a million miles an hour. A mix of heavy, shouted and screamed vocals, and clean cut singing is like listening and watching a heavy metal tennis tournament, with the constant battling rally of clean singing and screamed and shouted vocals. Track 3, Inception Of The End sounds a LOT like a mix of Pull Harder and Tread The Floods, and is my 3rd favourite song on the album. It has an amazing solo in it half way through, and sounds like the Trivium I fell in love with many seasons ago. Dusk Dismantled (track 4) sounds like it's going to be a slobberknocker, wrapped in a bar brawl, served with a side dish of gang violence, but with the surprising vocal opening of soft whispered vocals, followed by immense shouting, this song is easily one of Trivium's heaviest. It actually sounds like they've enlisted the help of Cannibal Corpse to do the singing for them. Watch The World Burn, a gripping song, keeps you pulled in from the get go, and doesn't disappoint when it comes to listening. This song is mainly clean vocals, and just makes the song more appealing. Black is near enough exactly the same, and a great headbanging anthem. I'm going to have to do another paragraph.

A Skyline's Severance follows closely behind Black, and is a truly, truly heavy song. I had my speakers turned up to full listening to this, and it near enough tore my face off. I can see fans in stadium's getting involved in HUGE mosh pits to this song. Ensnare The Sun is something different. It's instrumental filler, and sounds like an African war song or something, with Indian infusion thrown in, just to mind-rape you further. Built To Fall follows on, and is my favourite song on the album, and sounds a lot like Anthem. A great song, and a blatant single from the get go. Caustic Are The Ties That Bind follows on swiftly, and is a great song to shit someone up with. It sounds like it's going to be cleanly sung, but trust me, it's not. Only parts of the chorus are sung cleanly. Forsake Not The Dream sounds a hell of a lot like something that Blink 182 might do, but then you realize that this is Trivium, and you are thrown into a virtual mosh pit, to be thrown around and beaten senseless with. Drowning In Slow Motion is a fantastically dark song about, well, drowning. Another reason why this band is one of my favourite. A Grey So Dark sounds both dark and heavy, but had clean vocals, which really threw me, because it sounded like it was going to be screamed into hell. Chaos Reigns is what I expected A Grey So Dark to sound like. It's heavy, its dark, grungy, dirty. It's classic Trivium. All Of These Yesterday's is the classic "slow" Trivium song, starting electro-acoustically, and staying the same throughout.

Leaving This World Behind is the final instrumental, and is the near closer to the album, showing us that there is very little time between now and the end of the album. Shattering The Skies Above is next. Oh my god. This song is so heavy. I had to turn the speakers down because my neighbor's neighbor complained about "some music being played". Oh the solo sound's like it's come out of a death metal classic. Slave New World is the final song on the album, and what a way to end. Talk about ending in style. It's heavy, its got a good tune to it. It's just what you'd expect. But sadly, that mean's the album has ended.

Thanks for reading the review, I'm not going to do the scores anymore, but it really is a good album. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to it. Go on. Go out and get it. It's worth every penny.
Review: Trivium; In Waves Review: Trivium; In Waves Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, August 08, 2011 Rating: 5

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