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I think maybe it's time to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. I see people walking by, like blurred out faces, both expressionless and unwanting. People look around, expecting to see what they want to see, only to look severely disappointed. It's sad to see so many people just looking both down and unwilling to change anything. I see people who could do so much better for themselves. Whether they're shopping for food at a supermarket, or just with the family in the town centre, they all look exactly the same. Like they've all given up.

I think people should take the time to sit back, relax and let someone else do something for them. People push themselves too much. People expect the best, where really they should lower their expectations. They should at least try and not expect the best in life, but people can't. They refuse to admit that life can be shit sometimes, and that things will get better.

Sometimes life is designed to be bad, to test us. I'm not saying that a higher power is controlling this, far from it, but I am saying that I believe that life is planned out ahead of us, and that everything is unavoidable. There are 3 true eventualities though. You're born, you live your life, you die. These 3 things are unavoidable altercations along a winding, meandering path. These things can never be changed, and will never, ever be changeable. I try and live my life around this idea. If we can make decisions along the way, then our lives are lived.

Try and remember this, and maybe we can make changes to the unchangeable.
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