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Its a bank holiday. I've spent time out today, done a bit of reading. I've mainly been watching comedy DVD's. Starting with Ricky Gervais. For those of you who didn't know, Ricky Gervais, Lee Evans, Frankie Boyle and Jack Dee are my idols, and I enjoy everything of theirs. Gervais' most recent show, Science, is one of my most favourite comedy DVD's, second to Frankie Boyle's If I Could Reach Through Your TV And Strangle You, I Would. I enjoy how he goes on about he can do "back flips, cartwheels" and other gymnastics, but he can't on the show because he's hurt his back. He also talks about the mentally disabled and Ken Dodd. He's not being offensive, he's just being funny.

He also talks about how fat people can lose weight in a supermarket, including a "human sized door" and fruit and vegetables. Put the two together. He talks about Christmas presents from the past (his well off friends giving him a goat they give away) and giving a runt dog to his niece and telling her that she killed it in the night. He talks about autograph hunters, and Iceland (not the shop, the country) and the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. It's a mouthful I know. 

He brings wit, and intelligence to the show, giving the viewer an insight into his life, and, so he says, true stories about "fat mental birds" at Ken Dodd gigs. I also enjoy how he doesn't care who he offends, or what he says, because it is just pure comedy. It is just classic comedy, which is more than you can expect from new comedians, intent on following political correctness to the tee. It's genuinely refreshing to see someone who is both as enthusiastic and witty as you'd want a comedian to be, without all of the bollocks of political correctness.

It's the same with people like Frankie Boyle, who really, really don't give a fuck who the offend. Some people don't like that sort of thing, but it's nice to see people who really do push the boat out when it comes to comedy.
Comedy, Just Comedy Comedy, Just Comedy Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, August 29, 2011 Rating: 5

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