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Review: Creative Zen X-Fi2 16GB MP3 Player with Video

Alright, this is my first technology review, so please bear with me whilst I try and do my best to explain this device to you all. OK, since my last music player died, I got a new one, which happens to be the 2nd generation Zen X-Fi players from Creative. On the whole, it cost around £99, although I got it for free because I traded in my old music player. Lets start with something basic then, like the design. On the whole, the player isn't as big as the old player, but it's sleeker, and looks more inviting. It looks more well-rounded, and with a 3 inch touch screen, it shows a lot on a player only 4 and a half inches long. Giggity.

The screen itself, as well as being big, is clearer than anything else I've ever seen. The colours look more vivid than they do on my TV screen, and images and videos are amazingly clear. With images and videos being shown in high resolution, this makes you feel like you're lugging a HDTV around in your pocket. Except you don't have to carry a transponder the size of a suitcase with you everywhere. Although, the tilt function for images feels really sluggish at times.

As for the audio, the quality of the music played, or audio through the video is crisper and clearer bottled water. The X-Fi audio function adds both volume and clarity to the music. It makes the songs played sound truly amazing, and makes the songs clearer than any other music player I've owned. Even songs played through the single speaker seems truly clear. The last player I had that had a speaker on it, it sounded like music being played through a plastic cup. It sounded really, really bad. But this just sounds like nothing else.

Other good features, uh, it has built in apps (Sudoku, a calculator and a game called Pushbox). It also has a built in RSS reader, built in tasks list, a calendar, a built in microphone, a contacts list and an expandable Micro-SD slot. Bad things. Well, the player stops working unless you save MB of space (which is a bitch when some of your music exceeds MB a track), the touch screen feels slower than carrying a sumo wrestlers dead body in a handbag, and the radio player doesn't work if you don't plug in your headphones. It'd be easier if you plugged in a full sized antenna. You'd probably be able to get better signal than you would if you used a cheap pair of headphones. You can't get around it if you use more expensive headphones either. You may as well be trying to get a signal on a sieve. Or a roll of tin foil. As for the quality of recordings, you may as well be talking into a bucket whilst eating something. The RSS feeder takes a month to update and synchronize and the media player that comes with it (Creative Centrale) is so bad and slow it feels like trying to run a high spec game on Windows 95.  You also can't play music whilst it's charging. Once it's docked, it's docked, meaning you may as well be trying to play a parsnip.

Thanks for reading the review, and I hope you found this helpful in some way at all. I'll try and post more technology and gadget reviews in the future, but don't keep your hopes up.

Design - 4/5
Screen resolution - 5/5
Audio clarity - 5/5
Video/Image clarity - 5/5
Transitions/Movement on screens - 2/5
Misc. items - 3/5

Overall score - 24/30 - Fairly respectable score, but it's very sluggish, and worth more in the region of like £80, not worth £100, or £122.72 as it is on Amazon

Review: Creative Zen X-Fi2 16GB MP3 Player with Video Review: Creative Zen X-Fi2 16GB MP3 Player with Video Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Rating: 5

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