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Review: Battlefield 1943

O.K, again, I know this game has been out for quite some time, but it's a good game in it's own right. Set in 1943 to 1945, this online-only game focuses solely on the Pacific campaign, focusing mainly on the 3 islands that the US used to island-hop their way across the Pacific. These islands are Guadalcanal, Wake Island and Iwo Jima. There is a 4th island but I'll talk about that one later. So for now, I'll focus on the 3 classes.

Weapons and Classes

There are 3 classes to select, and not a lot else. The first class is the rifleman class, which is armed with an M1-Garand semi-automatic rifle, which is extremely accurate at close range, but going out to long ranges, shooting someone is like trying to shoot a rat between the eyes with a spud-gun. The rifle has a grenade attachment, meaning you can lob a fragmentation grenade on a stick half way across the map. It's also very effective against tanks, surprisingly. The loss of the pistol however means that you may as well have a giant neon sign above your head when reloading saying "SITTING DUCK".

The second class is the infantry class, armed with a Thompson sub-machine gun which seems to shoot wherever the hell it wants to. You better be toe to toe with the enemy to shoot them, otherwise you're extremely vulnerable  and you may as well be slapping them. There is no attachment for the Thompson, but the secondary weapon is a bazooka. This weapon (when firing) has a drop to it, meaning that if you get the right angle, it's like dropping mortar rounds onto the enemy. The bazooka can take only 1 well placed round to destroy a tank, or if you're feeling lucky, a plane. And it is possible.

The third class is the all important sniper class, armed with a Springfield rifle. This weapon is incredibly accurate, and at long ranges (as you'd hope a sniper rifle would be), it is deadly, although it can take 2 shots to the head if you're unlucky. The secondary weapon is a pistol, which when you're 2 foot away from someone is like as effective as spitting at someone. My favourite part of this class though is the explosives. On the other 2, you get grenades, but on the sniper class, you get dynamite with a trigger. The dynamite sticks to any surface like shit on a shovel, and when placed under a bridge, when a tank goes over it, say goodbye to the bridge. Goodbye tank. Goodbye people stood 10 foot away trying to have a smoke. Goodbye 4 square miles of New Forest. Next its the islands.


Wake Island is the first of the 4 islands. Shaped like a horse-shoe, this island has a few huts, an airfield and 2 aircraft carriers. That's it. There are vehicles (again, I'll talk about this later), but only a few of them. This island is perfect for small assaults, with combined attempts with the sub-machine gun and the assault rife. The sniper doesn't really have an effect on this island, because there are only 2 or 3 places high enough to get a good shot in.

Guadalcanal offers pretty much the same as Wake, although there are high spots a-plenty on the map. Sniper battles go across this map a hell of a lot. There are also vehicles on this map, and are more plentiful than on Wake. There are 2 airfields, which are the bases, and a second airfield with 1 plane on it. There are several massive ridges, and a small woodland/jungle area where you can ambush.

Iwo Jima is the last conventional island. There are 2 decent sniping areas on this map. The first is "Mount Suribachi", which rises and looks over the entire map. The other one is a lighthouse, where EVERYONE goes so it's basically a killfest if you throw a grenade up there or decide to fly a plane off of one of the carriers. There are more tanks on this island, which causes mayhem for anyone trying to run the map like a mad man with a Samurai sword above your head. Which you get on the Japanese sniper class.

The forth island is a plane only map. This is the Coral Sea, where during WW2, both the US Navy and the Japanese Navy fought each other directly with planes, carrier versus carrier. The planes are either the US Corsair fighter, or the Japanese Zero fighter. Not like in 1942, when there were more than 2 choices. Back in Battlefield 1942, you got German bombers, German Fighters, German Dive-bombers. These applied to every  side you could fight on, whether it was American, Russian, British, German or Japanese. This brings me neatly onto vehicles.


There are only 3 types of vehicle in this game, less than there was in 1942. In this game, there is only the tank, the jeep and the plane. As opposed to the others in 1942 (the bike with sidecar, the half-track truck, the various planes, the boats and so many others I can't name them off of the top of my head). The jeep seems to go faster than a Veyron, the planes fly so awkwardly and seem to bobble so much that they're attached like a puppet on a string, and the tanks refuse to stop when they turn, just constantly swinging around in circles. Lag affects the vehicles as well, meaning that the jeep changes lane more times than an old person on the motorway, the plane actually flies backwards and the tank shakes like a shitting dog.


Lag affects this game like nothing else. You remember those game shows in the 90's where someone would be put on a bungee cord and let loose to try and reach something at the end of a bouncy castle-esque pathway, only to get pulled back? That's what running is like on the game. Weapons fire several thousand times before actually hitting anything. Other players run so jerkily it looks like they're overdosing on Prozac. Grenades seem to be really badly affected by lag. They other don't explode, refuse to be thrown, explode 2 inches away from you, roll away or grow legs and tap dance off the side of the map. Seriously, the lag is horrible in the game.

Well that's it for the review. I really wanted to enjoy writing about this game, but reviewing it just makes the game seem shit. It's really not. It's not a half bad game to play.


Basic score: 4/5
Weapons: 2/5
Islands : 3/5
How everything handles in game: -1000000/5
Misc score: 3/5

Final score - -99988/25 - I really wanted to enjoy writing about this game. I enjoyed 1942, but this just isn't up to the same standard.
Review: Battlefield 1943 Review: Battlefield 1943 Reviewed by Matt Large on Friday, July 29, 2011 Rating: 5

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