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Keeping Tidy

I have around 2 hours of time to catch up, considering now that I have completed the unit which this lesson is meant to be for. What should I do with this time? Read? Capitalize on the time to work on other units? Go on Facebook and Twitter (Well, other than that)? Or should I take the time and update this. Considering I'm writing this, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

So, I've started to get back into Twitter. Just as the boards are flooded with #ripryandunn. It's sad to see someone who inspired people like he did go, after putting his body through so much to make people laugh, he dies in a car crash. It's unfortunate that he had to go in such a way. But it serves as a good lesson. Don't drink and drive. He may not have been over the limit, they can't tell for sure, but even if he wasn't, it's still not a clever or good idea.

Anyway, once again, I'm digressing. I'm taking this time now to trim up the blog, sort out my Twitter, Facebook, emails and assorted other things. I think maybe, it's time to add a picture gallery into the blog. With a bit of luck, it'll all go well, and with a bit of luck, I wont have a small fit at it not working.

I can be reached on my 2 Twitters. My personal one is http://www.twitter.com/mattofthelarge, and the blog one is http://www.twitter.com/mattinanutshell.

Anyways guys, I have things to do. So here is some more Elton John


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