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All You Need Is Love

Referring to my previous post, all people need in life is love. No religion, no addiction, just pure love. Call me a softy if you want, and mock me if you want, you all know I'm right. There is nothing else in the world that anyone craves more than someone to relate to. A best friend. A girlfriend (or boyfriend). A soul mate. People can find them too easily nowadays. All you have to do is spend a little more time working.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or are you the sort of person who only gets close after a week or two of getting to know someone? Do you want to share common interests, or do you want them to be your opposite. Do you go for looks, or personality. For the record, I go for personalities, looks are just a bonus. Is there one thing you wish to stand out? Eyes? Smile? Hair? Feet (for the more discerning pervert)? Is there something you want to value in someone, like a sense of humour or someone to talk to, or maybe a listener? I think that there is something to value in everyone. And those who criticize people for their values are either shallow or unwilling to let people get close to them. I'm just saying.

I think that love comes to easily to people these days. You see people in secondary school, mainly the younger ones, going out with people for a day, saying they love them, then bursting into tears when they inevitably break up. I'm sorry, but when you still have a bed time, you can't possibly have enough life experience. I'm not saying that 18-19 year old's do either, but its a damn sight more than they have.

I think people also give up too easily when they can't find someone that they want to go with. If you're looking for someone with blonde hair and blue eyes and will make you a sandwich, you're probably going to be stuck for a while. Jesus Christ dude, lower your expectations a little bit. Lower the bar. Open the damn door, otherwise no one will be able to come in.

I haven't given up, and I don't think people should as easily as they are doing now. 
All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, June 13, 2011 Rating: 5

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