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Everyone has a sense of what to do, whether they can do it or not. If the can't do it outright, what do they do? They try. People try at things every day. People try to make a living. People try and conceive. People try and keep out of trouble, and people try to keep things under control. We try against our better judgement, and we try to make the best of everything for ourselves.

Those who don't try don't succeed, or fail trying to. Those who don't try and do the best for themselves shouldn't have stuff handed to them on silver platters. They should at least attempt to try it. They should not have to be told again and again to do something they don't wish to do. They have to try. If not, then it is their loss.

People who try to do something to make something of themselves deserve what those who don't try don't deserve. People who try should have at least have something handed to them, not as a congratulations, but as a foot up, or a reservation about something which they can use and remember.

Trying is the necessity of man, and should be honed carefully. Those who go against basic instinct should not have it honed, but taken from them as a lesson in trying. Or at least try to. 
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