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Review: Battlefield 1942

Yes, I know this game has been out longer than the Magna Carta, and yes, I know it's a precursor to all Battlefield games, but who cares? If you want to moan, fine by me. I like this game, I will review it. End of.

Battlefield has one of the biggest franchises in the world. Obviously not as big as it's main competitor, who make probably the most rage inducing games of all time. What Battlefield lack in the many departments that Call of Rage boast make up for in realism and online play. Battlefield 1942, though old, has set the benchmark for the rest of the Battlefield games up until now. The game (set in 1942, where else?) focuses on the different theatres of war, from 1942 onwards, fighting from the beaches at Midway and Guadalcanal to the final fight in Berlin. The game even takes the African campaign into account, promising massive tank battles across Tunisia and the like.

Yes this game was designed for a computer with less memory than the average vibrator, and has graphics like a shitty film, but its these problems that make the game what it is, a really fucking good one. Some good weapons, some good vehicles, and a good landscape to fight in is what the order of the day is. This game (although older than the universe itself) is a truly quirky, clever and fun game to play. With games which can last any time between 10 minutes and several days, the fun hardly has to stop. Only when you rage at someone for spawn killing with an artillery piece or a tank or a plane. Otherwise, enjoy it. Trust me, it is a really good game.


Graphics - 3/5
Weapons - 4/5
Vehicles - 5/5
Battle grounds - 5/5
Basic score - 4/5

Score - 21/25 - A good game, a must play and a must keep game which will keep your kids kids entertained so many years from now.
Review: Battlefield 1942 Review: Battlefield 1942 Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, May 16, 2011 Rating: 5

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