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Ah, ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. So much for the un-hackable console. Song, spending many hours of man time trying to hack a system, and someone does it in a week. But now, the super company have found that even their servers are vulnerable. 70 million people are expected to have had their details stolen, which means that Sony are now at the centre of as many lawsuits as the lawyers can handle. Sony are now, officially in a shit storm.

The moral of this story? Get an Xbox. That is all.
Playstation Playstation Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, April 28, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. I do believe it was infact 77Mill users lost data....

    Mind you, they claim it to be the best and unhackable but i distinctly remember the OtherOS case between Sony (SCEE) and GeoHot..

    PS3 is better? hardly I can still play online games with my Xbox 360

  2. Microsoft don't care if anyone hacks their consoles, but to be honest wheres the fun if a shite game isn't modded? With a bit of luck, Sony will get what's coming to them


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