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Blogs come and go. But, now, this year, a new blog has formed. A superblog between 2 brilliant minds. OK, maybe not. I am happy to say that a new blog, between me and a close friend has now started and is going to be bigger and better than ever.

This new blog is called He Said, She Said, in which we get to vent our spleens, and talk about what makes us both tick and tock. We are both happy about this development, and hope that our blog becomes as successful as our own singular blogs. With a bit of luck, it will all mesh well, and things will be perfect.

We hope to see you on here soon, keep commenting and thanks for keeping with Matt In A Nutshell, and A Difficult Teen Life.

If you have any queries, then feel free to message me or Ruth.



P.S, the address is http://himandhersay.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you on it soon :)
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  1. I would like to start things off with saying that this is a very good blog. It's not just a blog, its a blog that speaks your own personal minds. One improvement i could make though is the background should be changed to a PIGEON! Yeah with my past experiences with pigeons that would be nice. I'm not going to go into any detail but all i can say is i stained a pigeon..... with coke and see two pigeons having sexual contact in a tunnel. All i can say is that i am proud of this experience.

    Anyway, I just made a news conference being this blog's spokesperson releasing this breaking news of this wonderful blog. All i can say is thank you for your time and I may make a further comment later in the future. Leaving on a note, you should really Love Pigeons because you know their asses are feathery ;) Thank you and Goodbye :D

  2. iagreewiththecommentbeforelolz


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