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Monday Monday Monday

Here it is again, the day between college weekend and college. A catch up day for coursework and a day to burn of any lasting hangovers from the weekend. Talking to friends who don't have college, listening to music and  reading. The best part of Monday.

People have seen their friends, people have made friends, people have pick pocketed friends. The streets are being cleaned of curb-side pizzas and the windows have taken a battering, and are now recovering. I've missed a few friends, but hung out with others. Stuffing away the food and getting annoyed at convenience shop owners. I'm 18, and I get ID'd for a scratch card. Prick.

I think it is amazing that so much has happened over the weekend, and now the time is slowing down in such a way that nobody remembers it. Although that may be the 12 pints of the amber coloured happy juice. I mean, my mum is doing housework, I'm blogging still sat in my pyjamas. Either I can't be bothered, or I'm damn lazy. The latter I think.

I think that Monday should be classed as a weekend day. Everyone hates it, and no one should have to work or go to college. It's just a suggestion. It could work. Although probably not.

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