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Review: Jackass 3

Dickhouse, MTV Films and Johnny Knoxville. Three of the things which define Jackass 3. As well as the insane stunts like sitting behind a jet engine and jet skiing over a hedge. The Messrs of insanity are back for their 3rd installment, jam packed full of gruesome stunts and over-the-top shenanigans. With the entire group back, they kick off the film standing in front of a rainbow, whilst engaging in over-zealous stunts involving paintball guns and a ceiling fan.

With over-the-top antics a-plenty, the film entertains through every skit and stunt. The commentary by Knoxville and the others during the replays are hilarious and every stunt is something new, even including some old favourites. Erving Zisman springs to mind. Hilarity is sure to ensue. Bam is more over the top than ever, Preston get's more involved and Wee Man is shorter and funnier. Steve-O is more willing and Chris Pontius is just in his element.

I would say there are faults with this film. But just no. Just. No. The film is amazing to watch, with added 3D (if you wish to watch it that way) everything becomes funnier, louder and grosser. A definite must see for the not so light hearted. Must be seen and must be bought.

Film Score:

Basic Score - 5/5
Humour - 5/5
Skits - 5/5
Variation of skits - 5/5
Other parts of film - 5/5

Overall score - 25/25 - Amazing score for a brilliant film  
Review: Jackass 3 Review: Jackass 3 Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, March 24, 2011 Rating: 5

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