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Review: The Damned Things; Ironiclast

The Damned Things. The most unexpected heavy metal supergroup you can think of. A cut and paste band with scores of talent and awards between them. Consisting of members from Every Time I Die, Anthrax and, ummm... Fall Out Boy. With a band which has gained commercial success with their hit, We've Got A Situation Here, this band is poised to become one of the biggest bands in both the UK and US. Their debut album, Ironiclast suits the mixed styles of both heavy metal and pop-punk.

The unique vocal style of lead singer, Keith Buckley fits snug into the band like a Marigold glove. Unexpected drumming from a drummer who seemed more suited to pop-punk flexes the bands heavy drive as a force towards commercial success. The guitars are expertly played and do nothing but increase the raw drive and power which this band possesses. The album is a tour de force, a true winner with rock and metal fans alike. The band, who received negative reviews from the off by both critics and fans, has shown them what a short period of time may hold.

The album kicks off with the song Handbook for the Recently Deceased, a hard rock anthem in it's own right, and setting the fire to the third bar, and, in my opinion is 4 minutes and 16 seconds of pure pleasure. Bad Blood, the next song on the track adds a little bit of a grunge feel into the mix. Friday Night (Going Down in Flames) adds a harder rock element. We've Got A Situation Here and Black Heart both offer a mixed bag of rock, metal and pure lyric pleasure. The rest of the album is a mixed bag of goodies, with nothing quite the same as the last. A true variety of styles, compressed into a single album. A must buy. A real must buy.

As for drawbacks, well, the album could have done, in my opinion, with a bit more coverage by the music industry, and the band should have released more songs to the audience, rather than introduce 2 songs to the world. Other than this very brief downside, there isn't much wrong with this album. Then again, I'm a fan of all 3 of the bands which have gone into collaboration, so I may just be biased. Oh well, listen to it anyway.

Album Score:

Basic album score - 5/5
Songs on album - 5/5
Variety - 5/5
Music styles - 4/5
Other - 5/5

Score - 24/25 - A very, VERY, high score for a band which is set to take the rock world by storm. 
Review: The Damned Things; Ironiclast Review: The Damned Things; Ironiclast Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Rating: 5

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