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Review: Alter Bridge; ABIII

Alter Bridge are back, in another installment of sheer hard rock please. Aptly named ABIII, this album boasts more rock than a boulder field. Unique vocals, driving drums, and catchy lyrics make Alter Bridge what they are. A hard rock group to be contested with the best of them. The follow up to Blackbird, this album is darker and better than Blackbird. An album that has been 3 years in fruition, with all band members involved with other projects and other vices, it is a surprise that this album was made at all.

Anyway, the first song is a surprise. In a good way. Soft spoken vocals are the work on this song, and the hint of  a faint acoustic guitar is heard in the background. Getting progressively heavier, the song puts more of an edge than a commando knife, finally peaking at 1:29, where it changes into a grungy masterpiece, more of the older Alter Bridge. I'm not writing this to save time, but every song on the album seems to have been written during true peaks of inspiration. If you don't believe me, listen to All Hope Is Gone (not the Slipknot song), Ghosts of Days Gone By, Fallout and Show Me A Sign. Pleasant surprises are in order.

Drawbacks, if any, is the part of this job I hate. I hate criticizing bands if they don't deserve it, so I'm not going to criticize Alter Bridge. Apart from even though the songs are good, they sound pretty much the same. It's not so much a criticism as it is an observation.

Overall a brilliant album, I'd recommend downloading or buying this album. It will be a welcome addition to your hard drive or CD rack.

Album Scores:

Album basic score - 5/5
Songs on album - 5/5
Variation - 3/5
Hooks - 4/5
Misc. score - 5/5

22/25, a respectable score for a respectable band, who we can expect bigger things of in the coming years.

Review: Alter Bridge; ABIII Review: Alter Bridge; ABIII Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, March 07, 2011 Rating: 5

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