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Certain things seem pointless. Gloves for armless people. Shoes for legless people. The U.N. But is their any point in lessons where everything is done and dusted to the extent where nothing else can be done.

Coursework is completed, lessons are getting stuffier and boredom is reaching an all time high. Some things are still left to do. Like saw off your face with a blunt saw. I'm not kidding, I'm listening to music looking at stocks. WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO ME?! People are around me are tweeting, someone is flailing a mouse cable around and pointing. One is breast feeding. Lessons are becoming long lived and the new term is next week. It is a bitch to think that it will be 1 more trimester before I say cheerio to the college and all it stands for.

People are going to Univertisty, to work and possibly to the dole office. Others are just waiting for the cool off time between finishing the course and looking for full time work and dead end jobs in a warehouse packaging packages. It's people today with no motivation, no drive, and a threshold to last around a thousand years doing the same thing every day until the retire age 70 (Tory pricks). I hope I don't end up there. I really do. 2 years of study and hard work and dedication wasted? Well, probably.

Still, beats sitting in a pointless lesson, blabbering on about how much the U.N is pointless and listening to an Iranian teacher moan and bitch. Or does it?
Pointlessness Pointlessness Reviewed by Matt Large on Friday, March 18, 2011 Rating: 5

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