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Hey people, sorry it's been so quiet, but things have been going on and I haven't had the time to keep updating everything. A bit of news, my friend who runs dotHorizon has opened another 2 blogs, TechBiscuit and BestOfYoutube. Check them out, I hope he does well on them and with a bit of luck it will all be sorted for him. Currently he is updating his blog (with new templates and links) and will be able to run as soon as possible.

Anyway, things are starting to get hectic now the summer is starting to roll in. I'm out with people most nights and I can't find the time to update the blog. But hopefully it will all be done and updated. As you can see, I'm running a new template and it is working a damn sight better than the previous ones. Let's just hope it stays that way!

So, in the near future, I'm lining up a Test Drive Unlimited 2 review, some album reviews and a few film and DVD reviews. Maybe some dance, Jackass and metal thrown in. With a bit of luck, the blog will better and more efficient than ever. I'm talking to a couple of people at the moment about being authors on this blog, so we may have a couple of new faces soon. Anyway, better be off.

Keep watching MattInANutshell, one of the most upcoming blogs on the internet. See you all!



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