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Days Off, Not Really

I'm sat here typing, still in my pyjamas, drinking my umpteenth cup of coffee listening to classic hip-hop whilst I devise more posts to send you lot, as I am backed up on all the things that I was going to do for you lot. I'm going to say something about days off.

Being unemployed has its benefits, of course it does. Unlimited leisure time and time to just get everything done which is backlogged. But it of course has its downside. No true source of income coming in, apart from EMA of course, and just sheer boredom filling the days. I look for work, of course I do and I apply for places, but no one calls back. No one even bothers to answer to reject you. Silence is deafening when it comes to getting people to call you back. I look at jobs online, but there is even less choice there. Unless you want to work as a call centre prick then you are pretty much stuck. They say we are out of a recession, and that jobs are opening, but where are they?

As an IT student, I'd like to get work as a part time sales assistant working with computers, but so far there is nothing. I've applied at countless places and not a single reply. Pricks. It's just not the students suffering. People who aren't at college and are going from school straight into work are finding it hard. People are joining the armed forces and nothing else is open. Thanks Mr PM, nice to know you have us poorer classes in mind. When you step all over us.

As I would like to relate back to the title of this post, I do actually go out looking for work. I go into the town centre and have a look around, I look online and search under every stone to get work. Unfortunately, thee endeavours are fruitless. So I sit here into the wee hours of the afternoon, whilst drinking coffee so strong my blood is measured in teaspoons. Listening to classic hip-hop, metal and basically trying to whittle away the hours. Its depressing, I know.
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