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Showbiz News: Micheal Mcintyre, Perfume, Rihanna and A Collaboration

A lot has been happening so far this week in the world of showbiz. I'll start with the news that Rihanna's new song S&M has been banned in 11 countries for indecent exposure. During the video, she features in tight and revealing leather and PVC gear. Certainly the video is raunchy, as are the lyrics "Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me". As I said earlier, the video has been banned in 11 countries, you have to be 18 to view the video on Youtube and MTV have said they are only going to show the video after 10pm. Damn it.

Tinchy Stryder is still going ahead with the song "Champion", in which he collaborates with Chris Brown. He has been heard saying "Some people told me not to go into that area because of all that has happened, and others have told me that they don't care." It's been 2 years since Brown punched Rihanna, and he has only just finished his community service for the domestic violence lawsuit. The song is gaining very little airtime on radio stations, but with a bit of luck this song will be played a bit more.

Yves Saint Laurent has had to have an advertisement pulled from television. The ad for the Belle D’Opium (well that set alarms bells surely) fragrance shows a woman dancing frantically to a manic drum beat before running her finger on her forearm. The end of teh advert shows the same woman lying on the floor while a voice says :” I am your addiction. I am Belle D'Opium. The new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent”. The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom said of the ad that the image of the woman in a trance like state could be seen to simulate the effects of drug use while running her finger down her arm simulated injecting drugs. A statement from the ASA said :” While we recognised the name Opium was a well-known designer perfume brand and did not consider it irresponsible or offensive to advertise Opium branded products ... we nevertheless considered the woman's actions simulated drug use, and therefore concluded it was irresponsible and unacceptable for broadcast”. The initial complaint against the ad was laid by thirteen viewers. The company has defended its advert with choreographer Akram Khan telling Sky News that the gestures in the ad represented :” the circle of life, the flow of energy in Belle's body and a sense of life being given out of the earth”. 

Finally Britain’s Got Talent new boy Michael McIntyre certainly made quite an impression on young hopeful David Knight at the Birmingham leg of the auditions. Nine year old Dave was auditioning with a comedy routine and was asked by Michael who his favourite comedian was. Hmm, if asked said question by a famous comedian, just who would you say? Silly billy David replied ‘Harry Hill’, prompting Michael to hit his buzzer before the little lad even had a chance to start his routine. The Daily Mail reckons this ‘shattered dreams’, but we can’t help but suspect that Michael might just have been having a joke. After all, he is a comedian, it’s kind of what they do. Regardless of Michael’s motives, what followed next will surely make for the most cringey piece of television since Holly Steele’s famous live breakdown: David was so shocked by the loud noise of the buzzer that he froze and his eyes filled up with tears – think Posh after realising she had ordered full fat coke, all the while with Michael frantically trying to reassure him he was only joking. Following the performance, Michael attempted to compensate for his wayward buzzer pushing antics by heaping praise on David, telling him he was ‘very, very talented’. He even attempted a standing ovation to make up for his guilty buzzing. Michael later said, 'He had bought a one-way ticket to tears. The buzzer is so loud! I hope they edit that out - I don't want to see him jumping out of his skin.'
Showbiz News: Micheal Mcintyre, Perfume, Rihanna and A Collaboration Showbiz News: Micheal Mcintyre, Perfume, Rihanna and A Collaboration Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, February 02, 2011 Rating: 5

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