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Review: Danny Byrd; Rave Digger

Master of House, Danny Byrd is back for another tantalising album. The master mixer has been away for a short period of time, mixing and remixing until he found songs fit for such a high calibre album. Called Rave Digger, Byrd has been focusing on the things which make house, D n B, and rave so important, a sense of when to drop the bass and when to mix in an unorthodox tune to his already arsenal. Collaborating with the likes of Netsky, I-Kay, Liquid and Tomahawk, this album does not let down, and quenches the thirst for those, but leaving dry throats to want more.

This album, oh my god. Oh my god, this album. This album, oh my god. Kicking off with the ultra-classic Ill Behaviour, it sets the tone for the rest of the heavenly track list. Closely trailing Ill Behaviour is the little heard but never-the-less-amazing tune Judgement Day. With the intro sounding like a 90's Californian rap track, it reminds me a bit like Cypress Hill (whom I love) so it gets a big vote in my opinion. The rest of the album (including 2 skit's) is brilliantly put together, sounds amazing and keeps you listening into the early hours of the morning, drinking Red Bull and keeping it on repeat. No, just me?

Any problems with this album, none that I can see, hear or feel. It performs as a good album should. It keeps you listening, makes you want more, and most importantly, gets you into similar artists. The bass is also good in the songs and makes you feel like you aren't losing any of the depth of the bass or treble, if (like me) you are listening on headphones. Mine are Atari by the way, good bass and depth on them.

Overall, a fantastic album, holding its own against D n B giants, like Netsky, Dub Pistols and so, so many others

Album Score:

Songs on album - 5/5
Variety - 5/5
Hooks and drives - 5/5
Bassy enough? 5-5
Basic album score - 5/5

Score 25/25 - Brilliant album, deserves a LOT of recognition and a lot more air time on the radio
Review: Danny Byrd; Rave Digger Review: Danny Byrd; Rave Digger Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, February 02, 2011 Rating: 5

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