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Review: Chase & Status; No More Idols

Oh. My. Fucking. God. An album, which is so breathtakingly amazing I am actually on a respirator. 15 tracks of give me more, leaving you begging for your next fix, slowly wasting away until only the skeleton is left. No it's not  music and heroin, it's the newest instalment from Chase & Status. It's called No More Idols. No More Idols? More like No More Albums Because This Blows Them All Out Of The Water. With no less than 13 collaborations on the album, with everyone from Plan B, Tempa T, Tinie Tempah and Cee Lo Green, this album boasts more bass than anything I have ever heard of. Usually on the albums which I review, only a few songs stick out to me, making me think it's not too bad. This one doesn't. EVERY song sticks out to me.

Unless Netsky, Danny Byrd, Deadmau5 and Junkie XL collaborate on a super album, mixed by The Wideboys with songs with so much bass that your speakers dance on your table, this album is set to remain at the top of the list on iTunes, Windows Media Player and Spotify. It is also set to be (so far I mean) 2011 summer soundtrack. I can understand that fully. I'm listening on headphones, and the bass is so much in every song that my eyes are actually shaking.

Mixed to the point where it isn't funny any more, each song packs a punch, winding you and delivering the final blow. The death punch is in songs 6 (Hypest Hype featuring Tempa T), 9 (Brixton Briefcase featuring Cee Lo Green), and 10 (Hocus Pocus), where you think that nothing can top the previous song. It sucker punches you into dropping a sense of security. Let your guard down, it'll blow your eardrums out. I thought the Danny Byrd album Rave Digger was good. This album depth charges it out of the water. Actually, not depth charges. Nukes it.

The album is headed by the song No Problem, sounding oh so very slightly jungle-y, with a drop so big it's bottomless. Out of the 15 tracks on this album, nothing sets the tone (and the bar) at such a level. It gives such a good presence of music on the album. A lot of albums these days are headed by tracks 1:30 long which are just ambient sounds and people talking. This sets a standard which I expect will be extremely difficult to beat. The follower, Fire In Your Eyes takes a slightly slower start. It is a slow song. Up to about 55 seconds where EVERYTHING changes. The tone of the song changes, and it's immensity overshadows its competitors. After 55 seconds, the rest of the track is just. Nothing. It's just. Just just.

The album, which proceeds in the usual sense which albums do, offers more or less the standard which we expect from Chase & Status. Every song on this album is brilliant. Every tiny detail has been assembled in perfect detail, making possibly the best album I've heard from 2011 so far. This album is like Chuck Norris. It is faultless, and make fun of it, it'll blow your head off.

Album score:

Basic album score - 5/5
Bass on album - 5/5
Artists on album - 6/5 (not a miscalculation, the only way you will get more artists on an album is if you make a mix tape)
Variation - 5/5
Other parts on album - 5/5

Overall album score - 26/25

Deserves every bit of it. Download it, buy it, rob it, whatever you do, just listen to this damn album. Do it!

Review: Chase & Status; No More Idols Review: Chase & Status; No More Idols Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, February 17, 2011 Rating: 5

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